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Character Profile: Fritz Stanford

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fritz Stanford Fritz Stanford(ブリッツ・スタンフォード) Fritz Stanford (Black Lagoon)
Human Human
Male Male
Early 30's Early 30's
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
Direct adjunctant to Ratchman, member Aryan Socialist Union Direct adjunctant to Ratchman, member Aryan Socialist Union
Mark Gibbon Youichi Nishijima
Episode 5, "Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles" Episode 5, "Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon

Character Description: Fritz Stanford

Fritz Stanford is a member of the Aryan Socialist Union, a United States-based neo-Nazi group that accompanied their leader Ratchman on a salvage operation not far from Jakarta (originally named Batavia). The objective: salvage a painting from a minor German artist, 'The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda', from the sunken wreck of the U-boat U-1324. However, the group had to fight Revy and Rock for the painting (the Lagoon Company was also assigned to find the painting from the same person who hired the A.S.U. – the former SS officer Lord Alfred).

Stanford, a tall, large-framed individual, is your typical neo-Nazi – blindly obedient to his leader and extremely fanatical of his beliefs. When Revy and Dutch had boarded the group's boat to try to find the painting – as well as killing the A.S.U.'s membership during their drunken celebration – Stanford encountered Revy as her pistols ran out of ammunition. He then brashly (and stupidly) began to brag about how 'weak' she was, as well as showing her his pistol – a customized, gold-plated Luger which he claimed that someone like Revy couldn't even lift – all the while Revy was reloading her guns with new clips. She then shot Stanford in the head, mainly to kill him – but also to shut him up!

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