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Garcia LovelaceGarcia LovelaceGarcia Lovelace (Black Lagoon)
12 years old12 years old
Heir of the Lovelace familyHeir of the Lovelace family
Cathy WeseluckKazue Ikura
Episode 8, "Rasta Blasta"Episode 8, "Rasta Blasta"
Black LagoonBlack Lagoon
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Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood TrailBlack Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

Character Description: Garcia Lovelace

The only son of Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace, Garcia lived a happy life at their plantation in Columbia. Although the family had came upon hard times financially and could only afford one servant – a maid named Roberta, Garcia became quick friends with the clumsy, inept maid. There were times when Roberta would be found serving iced tea to the boy and taking him for cart rides in the countryside.

That all changed when Garcia was kidnapped by one of the drug cartels and taken to Roanapur, where he was to be turned over to by the cartel's contact there, Abrego. As it happens, the gangster had contracted the Lagoon Company to deliver the boy, where it was possible that Garcia was to be killed (the land the Lovelace plantation was on was rich in rare minerals). Although the boy was openly hostile to Revy, Garcia found himself taking a liking to Rock, and the boy told him about his family and his faith that the maid Roberta would come and rescue him. At first skeptical about the boy's story, Rock checked out the story and found it to be true and told Dutch about his suspicions about the contract with Abrego. Dutch did share his concerns but concluded that there was nothing any of them could do at the time.

It was later, when the Lagoon Company and Garcia arrived at the Yellow Flag Bar, they found out that Roberta did indeed come to Roanapur – and attracted the attention of Abrego, who sent his men to question the maid. Everyone then discovered that Roberta was in fact the infamous "Bloodhound of Florencia", the terrorist Rosarita Cisneros – just as soon as Roberta started laying waste to Abrego's men with a shotgun disguised as a umbrella. Garcia was terrified seeing this murderous side of the maid he liked, and when the Lagoon Company evacuated the devastated bar (Revy was knocked unconscious by a grenade shell lobbed by Roberta), Garcia asked Rock to take him with them.

After the bar was wrecked, Roberta then took off after the Lagoon Company, either by stolen car or by foot, forcing them to the waterfront. By then Revy had regained her senses and she and the maid engaged in a massive gun battle, ending only because of the intervention of Balalaika and the Desantniki. Despondent that the Russian mob boss had reveal her secret, Roberta sadly related her story of death and destruction to the boy, but was surprised that Garcia still liked her and wanted her back. She and Garcia did return to Columbia – but after a bare-knuckle fight with Revy (it was a tie).

Garcia would later return to Roanapur to search for Roberta, after Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace, the friend of Roberta's deceased father, was assassinated because of his political views and left in order to seek revenge for his murder. He would be accompanied by another maid, Fabiola Iglesias, who was trained in manners of combat by Roberta, but not as extreme as her mentor.

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