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Character Profile: Gretel

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gretel Gretel Gretel (Black Lagoon)
Human Human
Female Female
Looks about 10 years old Looks about 10 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
Contract assassin, Hansel's twin Contract assassin, Hansel's twin
Anna Cummer Tomoko Kaneda
Episode 13, "The Vampire Twins Comen" Episode 13, "The Vampire Twins Comen"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon

Character Description: Gretel

The twins known as Hansel and Gretel (and also called "The Vampire Twins") were products of the cruel orphanage system set up during the Ceausescu Era in Romania. Being abandoned by that system, the two later became victims of various child pornography rings, which included the production of snuff films which they killed other children during the years. During this time, the two developed Dissociative Identity Disorder, not caring who they killed in their lifetimes.

In time, Hansel and Gretel became remorseless contract killers, known for their brutal efficiency. But there is another, more disturbing aspect to the twins, possibly because of their abuse in the orphanage system – they seemed to have the ability of 'swap' personalities (example, Hansel can become 'Gretel' and vice-versa). And this is only complicated by the fact that, at times, it can be almost be impossible to tell the two apart. There may be some incestuous issues between the siblings as well, again possibly from their prior experiences.

The twins were hired by the Italian mob boss Verrocchio, who wanted the two to eliminate the Russian leader of "Hotel Moscow", Balalaika and the Chinese Triad leader Mr. Chang, so that he could gain sole control of the various illegal activities the two had on Roanapur. However, the two, because of their pathological urges, killed him later.

Hansel was killed by Balalaika's men of "Hotel Moscow" and left to bleed to death in one of Roanapur's parks. Rock had managed to talk Gretel into calming her lethal urges. But before she could finally break free of her killer instincts, she was shot by a hitman hired by "Hotel Moscow".

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