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Character Profile: Ibraha

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ibraha Ibraha Ibraha (Black Lagoon)
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 40's to early 50's Mid 40's to early 50's
Black Black
Brown Brown
Terrorist, co-leader of the Defenders of the Islamic Front Terrorist, co-leader of the Defenders of the Islamic Front
MacKenzie Gray Ken Yamaguchi
Episode 11, "Lock 'n' Load Revolution" Episode 11, "Lock 'n' Load Revolution"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon

Character Description: Ibraha

Ibraha is a Palestinian and co-leader of the Defenders of the Islamic Front, along with his friend Masahiro Takenaka. Of course, being a devout Muslim, Ibraha often finds himself in conflict (mostly friendly, albeit) with the atheist Takenaka, by the way he reacted to his reciting one of the quotes of the deceased Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

Because of the death of his infant son at the hands of Israeli soldiers during the 1985 Beirut conflict, Ibraha holds a deep-seated hatred not only for the nation of Israel, but it's allies as well, which includes the United States, who he hopes to destroy. But sometimes, his paranoia and almost-blind hatred often clouds his judgment on important matters, as well as his common sense.

Ibraha and Takenaka were involved in a series of bombings in the Middle East, and were prepared to execute an assassination of the U.S. President when the schedules for the attack came into the possession of Triad boss Bai Ji-Shin Chang in Roanapur. After Chang's office and home had been bombed, he formulated a plan, where four teams would carry dummy cases while the real case would be carried by the Lagoon Company to the U.S. base in Basilan, the Philippines. Using intuition, Takenaka guessed the correct plan, and was able to intercept Revy and Rock before they could meet-up with Shenhua and Leigharch. During the brawl that followed, Rock was captured and Revy was forced to contend with the terrorists – until Shenhua and Leigharch interfered.

But although Rock carried the case the plans were supposed to be in, Revy held the plans on her person, but didn't tell Shenhua and Leigharch that fact, as they made an assault on the rebel camp where Rock was held. A pursuit was made, which forced the rebels to encroach upon territory held by the Basilan government. Ibraha, frantic about his plans coming undone, tried to order the rebels to continue the pursuit, despite Takenaka's objections to the contrary. Realizing his friend's actions were suicidal, Takenaka then killed Ibraha and ordered an end to the pursuit.

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