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Character Profile: Frederica Sawyer

USA Info
Japanese Info
Frederica Sawyer Frederica Sawyer Frederica Sawyer (Black Lagoon)
Sawyer the Cleaner Sawyer the Cleaner
Human Human
Female Female
Late teens to early 20's Late teens to early 20's
Black Black
Blue Blue
Contract killer, bounty hunter, body disposal specialist Contract killer, bounty hunter, body disposal specialist
Venus Terzo Asami Yaguchi
Episode 16, "Greenback Jane" Episode 16, "Greenback Jane"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon
· · ·
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

Character Description: Frederica Sawyer

The legitimate owner of a meat-packing plant on Roanapur, Frederica Sawyer earned her infamous moniker because of a more-horrifying aspect of her personality – she is also an assassin which the Triad often calls upon if they desire someone to die – preferably in the most agonizing and horrific manner possible! The victim is often chained-up in a white-tiled room inside the plant - often splattered in blood - and Sawyer, wearing a surgical gown (she normally wears gothic clothing), would carve the victim alive using a chainsaw! She also uses her skills to dispose of bodies already dead.

Sawyer also does bounty hunting on the side. She is one of the few bounty hunters to survive the "Greenback Jane" affair. She also uses her chainsaw in bounty hunting, and is often very unstoppable, sometimes using the saw to deflect machine-gun bullets fired at her.

Sawyer is also mute, the result of a massive throat injury, and can only speak using a handheld artificial larynx. However, because she is so dependent upon it, if she loses it, she can become very insecure, often collapsing into a fetal position until she gets it back.

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