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Anime Profile: Black Magic M-66

USA Info
Japanese Info
Black Magic M-66 Black Magic M-66 Black Magic M-66
1 OVA episode 1 OVA episode
1996 1987
Manga Ent. MOVIC, Toshiba, EMI, AIC
  Masamone Shirow
  Masamone Shirow
Action, Adventure, Mecha Action, Adventure, Mecha
Sybel Sybell
· · ·
Colonel Arthur  
· · ·
Ferris Mathew  
· · ·
M-66; F-6402  
· · ·
Professor Mathew  
· · ·
Richard Leakey  

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at The Right Stuf and Amazon, and on VHS at Amazon.

Anime Description: Black Magic M-66

Masamone Shirow himself directed this anime based on his very first manga. The story of this anime is set in the future, where two nations are engaged in a bitter Cold War.

Freelance television reporter Sybel just wanted an exclusive scoop about a top-secret military operation gone wrong. But what she got was more that she bargained for when she and her cameraman get arrested. Then a pair of experimental anti-personnel mechs (the ones the military were searching for in the first place) go haywire and nearly wipe out an entire division of soldiers when one of them self-destructs.

But then, Sybel, after escaping the clutches of the military, finds out that the remaining mecha still has the operating test system installed... which has the inventor's teenaged granddaughter as the assassination target! And she happens to be out on the town for a fun evening.

Now Sybel has to find her and get her to safety... before she gets arrested again by the military... or the berserker mecha kills both of them!

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