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Character Profile: Asuka Akiyama

USA Info
Japanese Info
Asuka AkiyamaAsuka AkiyamaAsuka Akiyama (The Blackmail)
About 19-24 yearsAbout 19-24 years
Misty Rain
The BlackmailKyouhaku
· · ·
The Blackmail IIKyouhaku 2

Character Description: Asuka Akiyama

Asuka Akiyama is the main character in The Blackmail. She and her sister Miku, her mother Sakura and her two best friends Aya and Tamami get into a lot of hell when Yumiko and her thug friends arrive. She first gets a letter from Aya which was a picture to blackmail her into staying away from Ryosuki, the popular guy in the school. But Yumiko breaks into Aya's house and changes the letter to tell Asuka to go to a certain place. At the place Yumiko specified waits a bit of bad company, and then Yumiko gets hold of them all with her thug friends.

In a couple of years time, Asuka gets married to Ryosuke and they go on their honeymoon to Hawaii. Just when the nice old honeymoon is about to begin, all hell breaks loose yet again for Asuka and her husband. They bump into the thugs who were in Black Mail 1. The thugs capture Asuka and knock out Ryosuke. They do perverted acts with her, but later even more hell breaks loose as the Yakuza arrive on the scene. They beat up the thugs and captures Asuka to make her their sex slave. When she arrives at the Yakuza headquarters, she meets an old friend called Reika. And her enemy, Yumiko, is back again. This time she is with the Yakuza, and she makes sure to make this the last honeymoon Asuka ever gets. Yes, it's a bad tale for Asuka, but the carnage for her, her family, and her friends has only begun.

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