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Character Profile: Gerd Frentzen

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gerd Frentzen Gerd Frentzen Gerd Frentzen (Blassreiter)
"The White Zephyr" "The White Zephyr"
Amalgam Amalgam
Male Male
Mid 30's Mid 30's
White White
Blue Blue
Motorcycle racer Motorcycle racer
Christopher R. Sabat Unshou Ishizuka
Episode 1, "Prelude to Despair" Episode 1, "Prelude to Despair"
Blassreiter Blassreiter

Character Description: Gerd Frentzen

Originally, Gerd Frentzen was the greatest motorcycle racer in Germany, racing as part of Team Phoenix. Years before, his friend Hermann Saltza raced with the team as well, but Gerd dismissed him from the team due to his lack of competitive instinct, adding that a greater path was there for him. Hermann, taking Gerd's advice to heart, then enlisted in the Xenogenesis Assault Team (XAT), with Amanda Werner as his partner.

Years later, Gerd was competing in a race with a Demoniac burst onto the track, having assimilated scalpels and a gun into itself. Also there was Joseph Jobson (or Blue, as he would be known to the XAT), fighting the Demoniac in his Amalgam form. The XAT also got involved, but before the Demoniac could be defeated, Gerd ended up badly injured – and paralyzed as a result.

As a result of Gerd's injuries, he lost his place on the team, not to mention hearing that his fiancée Jill Hoffman was having second thoughts about their relationship. It was while at the track contemplating his future that he was approached by Dr. Beatrice Grese, who had given him a pill which she said that could cure his paralysis. What she DIDN'T mention was she was working with Joseph's enemy Magwald Xargin, and the pill she gave him had the nano-machines that would transform his body into an Amalgam.

Gerd's Amalgam form gives him superhuman strength, as well as enhanced abilities, one being able to form a whip from the stigmata on his left hand. However, Gerd also experiences horrifying hallucinations, and as a result is prone to monstrous fits of violence – ones that would spell his ultimate doom!

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