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Sado YasutoraSado YasutoraSado Yasutora (Bleach)
Chad YasutoraChad Yasutora
15 years old15 years old
6'6" (source: Bleach Exile)197cm (source: Bleach Exile)
246.9 lbs (source: Bleach Exile)112kg (source: Bleach Exile)
"I want to protect people""I want to protect people"
Jamieson PriceHiroki Yasumoto
Episode 2Episode 2

Character Description: Sado Yasutora

Chad is a very quiet and strong type of person. Apparently he was mistreated as a child by the local folk. He was told by his grandfather to always protect people.

He ends up protecting Ichigo's sister with his newly awakened powers. He then trains with a talking cat and Orihime. He then helps Ichigo save Rukia from the Soul Society.

Chad is a really sensitive person. He likes cute things and would not mind going out of his way to protect someone.

Chad's real name is Sado. The Kanji for his first name can be read as either Chado or Sado, and his classmates often call him Chad because it sounds cooler, but his name should be read as Sado. Also, he's originally from Okinawa, but was adopted by his grandfather and lived in Mexico for some time before going back to Japan.

Character Description: Sado Yasutora

Chad is a big guy with a big heart. He cares greatly for his friends and will do almost anything they want him to. He has a soft spot for anything cute and small (which is why he chases after Kon so much). Chad lives on his own, but he used to live with his Abuelo or grandfather when he was younger. Abuelo taught Chad many lessons, mainly when to use his enormous strength, because Chad would get into fights with anyone. Abuelo told Chad that it was wrong for him to fight for himself, so Chad hardly lifts a fist in his own defense. That is why Ichigo and Chad get along so well. When they first met, Chad was tied up by some gang members and they were threatening him. Ichigo comes crashing in and makes a promise to Chad that he would fight in his defense if Chad would do the same for him.

Because Ichigo radiates so much spiritual energy Chad's own latent powers come to surface. When Ishida and Ichigo were having a contest to see who could kill the most hollows Chad's power comes out. A hollow started to attack Ichigo's little sister Karin and Chad stepped in and fought for her. His arm mutated into a giant's hand and has even more strength than before. He trains with Orihime and Yoruichi to improve his control over his arm before they go to rescue Rukia. Later on he can shoot energy out of his giant hand and can make his arm turn at will.

Character Description: Sado Yasutora

A friend and classmate of Ichigo's Chad has his first encounter with a hollow when he decided to help guard a pink-cheeked Parakeet that the hollow had put a little boys soul into. Any way when trying to protect Ichigo's little sister Karin his power (this weird thing that happens with his right arm) awakens, then he trains with Orihime and Ms. Yoruichi so that he can accompany Ichigo and Ishida to the soul society to save her.

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