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D-Roy LinkerDi Roy Rinker (ディ・ロイ・リンカー)D-Roy Linker (Bleach)
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Di Roi Rinkā (romanization)
Sea GreenSea Green
Dark EmeraldDark Emerald
16th Arrancar and Grimmjow's Fraccion16th Arrancar and Grimmjow's Fraccion
"If I had to listen to the names and titles of everyone I was about to kill I'd never get anything done.""If I had to listen to everyone I was gonna kill there'd be no end to it."
Spike SpencerTakashi Kondo
Episode 116Episode 116

Character Description: D-Roy Linker

Di Roy Linker was an Adjuchas class hollow cross-resembling a snake/eel and shark. He traveled with Shawlong Kufang, Edrad Liones, Yylfordt Granz, Nakeem Greendina, and two other unnamed Adjuchas. They all were inspired to become Vasto Lorde, the highest class of the Menos.

One day, Di Roy and his companions encountered a small panther-like Adjuchas named Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Di Roy attempted to eat him, but instead had chunk of his mask eaten instead (Grimmjow also killed the two unnamed hollows in the process). Impressed with Grimmjow's strength, Shawlong asked the former to become their "king" and lead them in their quest to become Vasto Lorde.

However, after traveling together for several years and feeling no more increase in their powers, the Adjuchas realized they would never become Vasto Lorde. Di Roy especially, since he already had a piece of him eaten years before. Grimmjow, digusted at their cowardness, decided to part ways with them. Before he left, Shawlong asked him to eat a part of each of them, so Grimmjow could become stronger and so that they wouldn't change back into Gillians. At some point, Di Roy became an Arrancar through the natural process.

After Grand Fisher's defeat at the hands of Ichigo Kurosaki, Di Roy was seen mocking Fisher for toying with his foe too much while Iceringer converts him into and Arrancar.

Much later in the series, after protesting against Ulquiorra Cifer and Yammy Rialgo's sparing of Ichigo, Di Roy, along with the rest of Grimmjow's Fraccion, including Grimmjow himself, illegally invaded the human world to kill not just Ichigo, but anyone with even the slightest amount of spiritual pressure. Di Roy intercepted Chad the moment he came out of his house, but Ichigo stopped his attack before he could get too close. Rukia Kuchiki restrained Ichigo with Chappy and easily killed Di Roy with her Shikai.

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