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Karin KurosakiKarin KurosakiKarin Kurosaki (Bleach)
11 years old (born May 6)11 years old (born May 6)
Ichigo's younger sister, Yuzu's fraternal twinIchigo's younger sister, Yuzu's fraternal twin
"I'm in permanent denial. Just seeing them doesn't make me believe in them." (play clip)"If I refuse to believe in them, it's like they don't exist." (play clip)
Kate HigginsRie Kugimiya
Episode 1Episode 1

Character Description: Karin Kurosaki

One of the two girls of the Kurosaki family (the other being her fraternal twin, Yuzu), Karin has a tendency to act more like Ichigo than anyone else in the family. Brash, cynical, and sarcastic, her most common words are either snide remarks or complaints about being somewhere she wishes she wasn't.

Karin's tough girl image came about after the death of her mother, Masaki. Realizing she lacked the diligence for the housework and the physicality to be the brawn (like her brother Ichigo), Karin decided to see to it that no one would worry about her, so she assumed her new facade and refused to cry ever again.

Like Ichigo, Karin has enough spiritual energy to be capable of seeing ghosts. However, unlike Ichigo, she doesn't make a big deal about it. In fact, she claims to be in permanent denial over the issue, more than likely so Yuzu and Isshin don't pester her. But later on, she comes to use her abilities on and off to make a little money. It's also revealed later on that she's skilled in soccer and possesses a pretty mean kick.

Character Description: Karin Kurosaki

Karin is Yuzu's twin sister (fraternal) and a cool-headed realist. She's 10 years old, turning 11. Her birthday is May 6th. She enjoys playing soccer and is in permanent denial about her spiritual powers. Her eyes are gray or blue depending on the anime/manga. (Source of information comes from the official bleach character book)

Personal Theory: her spiritual energy may have the potential to be stronger than Ichigo's when she grows up. As when he was her age he could not see the grand fisher's true form behind the doll/bait that he used to lure his victims. Grand fisher made a note of this and said she was one of the strongest souls he has ever come across, as she could see a vague blur of his hollow form behind the doll/bait he used to lure his victims (victims need to have spiritual power to see the doll/bait).

Ichigo may have been 9 or 10 at the time when he met the grand fisher, when his mother died.

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