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Character Profile: Nanao Ise

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nanao Ise Nanao Ise Nanao Ise (Bleach)
  Ise-fukutaichou(by Lieutenant Ise)
Shinigami Shinigami
Female Female
(born July 7) (born July 7)
Raven-Blue Raven-Blue
Purple Purple
5'4.5" 164 cm
106 lbs 48.1 kg
Vice-captain of the 8th division Vice-captain of the 8th division
"What do you mean, 'My Nanao-chan'?" "What do you mean, 'My Nanao-chan'?"
Kate Higgins Hitomi Nabatame
Episode 37 Episode 37
Bleach Bleach

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Nanao Ise

Nanao wears glasses and seems to carry a book around. Some people say that that book is her zanpakutou since her zanpakutou has never been revealed or seen, but she seems to be really good at demon arts.

Nanao usually hits her captain, Shunsui Kyoraku, because of the many annoying things he would do to her. Compared to her captain, Nanao is serious, respectful, and follows instructions, while Shunsui is lazy, sleeps a lot and teases Nanao.

When Chad came, Shunsui revealed him self in a fancy way by making Nanao throw rose petals. Shunsui started to say "Lovely! Lovely Nanao-chan!" She eventually gets annoyed and spills all the petals on his head and throws the basket after.

Character Description: Nanao Ise

Nanao Ise is the lieutenant of the 8th Division, Vice-Captain to Shunsui Kyouraku. While not much is known about her fighting skills or styles, there is more revealed about her character and attitude. She is a very down-to-earth-get-to-business type of woman, evening out the laziness and perverse nature to her captain. Nanao was one of the lieutenants that did not appear at the meetings, she is always around her captain except for the times when Kyouraku is at a captain's meeting. The first time we do see her is when she tells Kyouraku of Chad's appearance.

Nanao is the one that must constantly remind her captain to do his duties. Because Kyouraku is usually sleeping, she doesn't trust that he would do his duties unless she is there to wake him up and remind him of things. She is considerably patient, agreeing Kyouraku's orders to throw flower petals as an effect, allowing him to call her "Nanao-chan" without doing anything drastic to him, and dealing with Yachiru in various Shinigami's Cups. Her line of patience would usually stop when Kyouraku makes a stupid comment or plays a humorous prank. Like most of the lieutenants, she does what she is told and does not question authority. This does lead to the clouding of her own judgement. When Chad is defeated, she offers to kill him upon orders from the Hell-Butterflies, but is told not to by Kyouraku, who reminds her that Chad or the other Ryoka might be needed alive for the investigation for Aizen's 'death.'

Kyouraku and Nanao are considerably close, Nanao is generally concerned when she doesn't know where Kyouraku is. Nanao was even willing to break the rules of Soul Society when she stood by Kyouraku and Ukitake when they stopped the Soukyoku. She followed Kyouraku, Ukitake, and Genryusai when they went off to battle somewhere else. Nanao had full intention of assisting in the battle between the three, but was unable to because Genryusai paralyzed her with the sheer power of his reiatsu (spirit pressure). Being unable to breathe or move, she collapsed on the spot, and Kyouraku was forced to take her a great distance away in order for her to regain breath again.

Nanao is the only character that has not demonstrated any major abilities, or her zanpakuto's name. The only other characters that have not done so also are Yachiru and Nemu, also lieutenants. Nanao may be one of the weaker lieutenants, but we may never know for sure until her skills are shown. She seems to be more comfortable using Kidou, as shown when she offered to kill Chad.

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