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Shuhei HisagiShuhei Hisagi (檜佐木 修兵)Shuhei Hisagi (Bleach)
Soul ReaperShinigami (Death God)
Over 110 years oldOver 110 years old
Black sometimes appear grayBlack sometimes appear gray
5'11"180 cm
147.7 lbs.67 kg
Shinigami LieutenantShinigami Lieutenant
"What the hell?""What the hell?"
Steve StaleyKatsuyuki Konishi

Character Description: Shuhei Hisagi

Hisagi is 2nd seat of squad 9 (Lieutenant). His Taichou (captain) was Kaname Tousen, who was revealed to be on Aizen's side. Hisagi was deeply hurt and betrayed by his captain. After that, he assumed the captain's job in the Soul Society.

Previously in the Shinigami Acadamy he was the senpai (upperclassmen) of Momo, Renji, Kira in their freshmen year. While on a training field in the Human world, a huge Hollow attacked, killing his fellow classmates Aoga (male) and Kanisawa (female). In that same incident Hisagi got the three scars running down the side of his face.

Hisagi's most widely known tattoo is the 69 on his face. The captain that saved his life during the hollow attack (Kensei Muguruma, 9th Division Cpt. at the time) had a 69 tattooed on his chest. Shuhei saw this and copied the fashion. The choker and arm bands, though they may look like tattoos, are actually bands that can be removed, as seen in episode 219.

Shuhei may look like he's somehwere in his 40s, but he's actually much older as 110 years ago Kenshei Muguruma saved a child Shuhei from Hollows.

Character Description: Shuhei Hisagi

Shuhei Hisagi is the Captain of squad 9 after the previous Captain, Kaname Tosen betrayes Soul Society. Shuhei is an extremely mature and calm individual. He is usually seen wearing what appears to be a choker around his throat with a matching armband on his right arm as well as on his left wrist.

As a child he was saved by the previous 9th division Captain, Kensei Muguruma. In later years, Shuhei got a 69 tatoo on the left side of his face, matching the one Kensei has on his stomach.

Once entering the Soul Reaper Academy, his prodigious talents allowed him to join the 13 Court Guard Squads without completing his education. While acting as an instructor for the academy, Shuhei's group was attacked by a hollow, and, in fighting the hollow, he received a distinctive scar consisting of three verticle lines.

After his Captain, Kaname Tosen defects from Soul Society, Shuhei assumes the duties as Captain and is later "nominated" by Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto to be the new captain of Squad 9.

Tosen's betrayal surprises him because they share an almost virtuous philosophy.

In manga chapter 324, Hisagi Shuuhei fights with Findor Carias, Barragan's Fraccion, and it is revealed that his shikai is Kazeshini (Wind of Death), with the command being "Reap".

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