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DivaDivaDiva (Blood+)
173 years old (appears 16 years old)173 years old (appears 16 years old)
Blue (normally), bright blue (when fighting)Blue (normally), bright blue (when fighting)
5'2"157 cm
89 lbs40.4 kg
Controls the ChiropteraControls the Chiroptera
"Ready or not Saya! Here I come!""Ready or not Saya! Here I come!"
Kari Wahlgreen
Episode 13Episode 13

Character Description: Diva

Diva is Saya's twin sister. When her and Saya were found as babies, Saya was sent to live with Joel while he observed her at the zoo, and Diva was locked away in the tower, even without a name. Saya went walking one day and heard Diva singing, and asked Diva to be her friend. Saya asked what Diva's name was and Diva said she didn't have a name and Saya named her Diva because of her pretty voice. Saya asked Diva if she wanted out of the tower and Diva said yes. Saya stole the key and got Diva out and asked her to come to Joel's birthday party. Diva left and killed Joel for locking her in that tower.

Diva has four or five Chevaleirs. Saya only has one but gets another one later in the series. Diva wants to kill Saya because Saya is with the Red Shield and not the Blue Cross. Diva and Saya are twins, but you can tell them apart because Diva has blue eyes that start to glow when she is fighting, and Saya has brown eyes that turn red when she is fighting. Saya also has short hair and Diva has long hair.

Diva eventually kills Riku later on in the series and almost kills Kai.

Character Description: Diva

Diva, unlike her sister Saya, was locked in a tower and tested on, while Saya was sent to live with the humans to be observed. Diva began to hate humans, while Saya loved to live with humans.

Saya went on a walk by herself one day and came upon the tower Diva was locked in. Saya heard Diva singing, and she named Diva because of her great singing voice. Saya stole the key to the tower from Joel because she wanted Diva to come to Joel's birthday party and surprise him with her voice. Diva came to the party and killed everybody except Saya.

Diva also goes through long periods of sleep like Saya. She is more childlike than Saya, and she doesn't want to kill chiroptera, she wants to get revenge on humans for trapping her, so she wants to turn the whole human race into chiroptera. Her singing voice makes people change into chiroptera.

Character Description: Diva

Diva is Saya's younger twin sister but she controls the Chiroptera. She is protected by Karl who is in the Blue Cross and a companion to her.

When you first see her she is in a crate number 721226 and she starts singing, and then she starts to wake up.

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