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Saya OtonashiSaya OtonashiSaya Otonashi (Blood+)
173 years old (appears 16 years old) (born August 4th)173 years old (appears 16 years old) (born August 4th)
Brown (normally), red (when fighting)Brown (normally), red (when fighting)
5'2"157 cm
89 lbs40.4 kg
Chiroptera assasinChiroptera assasin
"I wanna see the ocean!""I wanna see the ocean!"
Kari Wahlgren
Episode 1Episode 1

Character Description: Saya Otonashi

Saya Otonashi is an average high school girl, until one day a man named David comes to tell her about her true fate. Saya was adopted and had two "brothers", Kai and Riku.

When she finds out that she is the only remaining original, or the only one left who can kill the chirpoteras, she is taken away from her "family." Along with Hagi, they fight these blood sucking beasts.

Saya is the daughter (if that is even the right word) of a chiropteran named Saya. Saya (the chiropteran) was found by Joel the first with two cocoons in her stomach. Joel took them out to study. He couldn't break the outside, as it repaired itself as soon as it was chipped. Joel cut his finger in the attempt to break them and a drop of his blood fell on one of the cocoons. The cocoon absorbed his blood as soon as it dropped onto the surface. He let blood drip on both of the cocoons and they both absorbed it. Eventually, the cocoons opened and Saya and Diva were born. Joel tried mixing their blood and it crystallized. Joel raised Saya as his daughter and locked Diva up in a tower barely giving her enough food to survive.

Saya Otonashi (Blood+)

Character Description: Saya Otonashi

Saya appeared to be an average, ordinary high school girl, until one day something happens that she never could have imagined! It seemed like any other day, when after school she realized that she had forgotten her track shoes. As she heads back to the school to retrieve them, she meets a strange man named Haji, and then a giant monster known as a chiropteran. Haji helps to save her from the creature, even though she doesn't remember him from the last time she was "awake". You see, Saya stays awake for about two years, then falls into a deep sleep for about thirty years, and forgets everything when she wakes up again. Her last awakening was about a year ago.

Saya's blood is the only thing that can kill a chiropteran. She cuts her hand on her sword, then hits a chiropteran with it and it will die. She gave Haji some of her blood to help him live and time stopped for him so he can live forever with Saya and protect her.

Saya also has a younger twin sister named Diva. Saya's mission is to kill Diva. Saya's blood is poisonous to Diva, just as Diva's blood is poisonous to Saya.

Character Description: Saya Otonashi

Saya Otonashi tries to be a normal human girl. She attends high school, has a friend, and runs on the track team. She lives with her dad George, and her two brothers, Kai and Riku. George isn't really her dad, he adopted Kai, Riku, and Saya because his wife and daughter were killed in an accident. He was asked to care for Saya when she woke up from her 30 year sleep. Saya lost her memory when she woke up, and Kai, her older brother, takes care of her and Riku.

Saya goes into a long sleep that lasts for 30 years every once in a while. Haji waits for her and when she wakes up, they fight chiroptera together. Normally when she awakes, she remembers everything, but this time she was awakened early, and the blood was injected into her, not drunk by her, so she awoke with amnesia.

Saya's blood kills chiroptera. She has a sister named Diva, and she has to kill Diva, because she can change humans into chiroptera with her singing. She is trying to change every human into a chiroptera. Saya's blood will kill Diva, and Diva's blood will kill Saya. Her life changes the day George dies trying to save Saya, and she promises to kill all the chiroptera. For the rest of the time she's awake, she slowly regains her memory.

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