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SolomonSolomonSolomon (Blood+)
Over 100 years old (looks about 18 years old)Over 100 years old (looks about 18 years old)
Light greenLight green
Diva's Chevalier (Dead)Diva's Chevalier (Dead)
Dave Wittenberg
Episode 11 - After the DanceEpisode 11 - After the Dance

Character Description: Solomon

Solomon was Diva's Chevalier He seems to start off evil, however, over time it does change. Unlike his brothers, Solomon is cool, and not to mention he is cute. He was Diva's Chevalier for over sixty years. He was lead to believe that Saya was the enemy. He is also the only one who can calm Diva down. In one of his talks with Diva it is mentioned that he became a Chevalier sometime between in the middle and end of World War I. Solomon is also a doctor.

For his first appearance, Solomon was seen as a delightful young man who had he honor of dancing with Saya at her school dance. While their first meeting was cut short due to an attack, that was not the only time they saw each other. I must say that you will see Solomon in almost every episode.

Solomon is the fourth brother of the seven Goldsmith brothers all of who serve Diva and are Chevaliers. The brothers are as follows in this exact order. Amshel Goldsmith, Grigori Goldsmith, Martin Bormann Goldsmith (appeared briefly in an old photograph from 1943 in Episode 12), Solomon Goldsmith, Carl Fei-Ong Goldsmith, James Ironside Goldsmith, and Nathan Mahler Goldsmith.

Solomon (Blood+) For a long time Solomon wears a white suit, however, when he changes sides he starts wearing black. He loves Saya, and swears his loyalties to her, vowing to protect her even though she rejected his love (really, is Haji that good for her?). He becomes depressed for awhile.

At some point he tries to attack Diva himself. That plan fails, however, as he gets captured. While he was held captive James taunts him with comments such as, "Momma's Favorite" and "Pretty Boy". James even said he was going to kill Saya himself. With one of his brother's help (no, I will not say who) helps he escapes and rushes to save Saya.

When Solomon gets killed he does not die right away. He made an attempt to kill his brother, Amshel. However, he does not succeed since he dies in his brother's arms.

Up until his death, Solomon proclaimed his allegiance to Saya as her Chevalier. Isn't that a true gentlemen for you?

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