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Japanese Info
12 TV episodes12 TV episodes
January 8, 2013January 8, 2013
FUNimationKadokawa Shoten, Production I.G, Project Blood-C TV, Mainichi Broadcasting System
Kenji Kamiyama (η₯žε±±ε₯ζ²») (creator of 'Blood: The Last Vampire'), CLAMP (クランプ)
Tsutomu Mizushima (ζ°΄ε³Ά εŠͺ)
Action, Horror, ParanormalAction, Horror, Paranormal
Blood-C: The Last DarkGekijo-ban BuraddoshΔ« za Rasuto daku (εŠ‡ε ΄η‰ˆ ブラッドシー γ‚Ά γƒ©γ‚Ήγƒˆ ダーク)
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Blood: The Last VampireBlood: The Last Vampire
· · ·
Blood+B L O O D +
Saya KisaragiSaya Kisaragi
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Dog βŠ• Inu βŠ•
· · ·
Fumito Nanahara βŠ• Fumito Nanahara βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Blood-C

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Saya Kisaragi Saya Kisaragi Kuto βŠ• Kuto βŠ•
Dog βŠ• Inu βŠ• Mana Hiiragi βŠ• Mana Hiiragi βŠ•
Fumito Nanahara βŠ• Fumito Nanahara βŠ• Nene Motoe βŠ• Nene Motoe βŠ•
Haruno Yanagi βŠ• Haruno Yanagi βŠ• Nono Motoe βŠ• Nono Motoe βŠ•
Hiro Tsukiyama βŠ• Hiro Tsukiyama βŠ• Shinichiro Tokizane βŠ• Shinichiro Tokizane βŠ•
Iori Matsuo βŠ• Iori Matsuo βŠ• Shun Fujimora βŠ• Shun Fujimora βŠ•
Itsuki Tomofusa βŠ• Itsuki Tomofusa βŠ• Tadayoshi Kisaragi βŠ• Tadayoshi Kisaragi βŠ•
Kanako Tsutsutori βŠ• Kanako Tsutsutori βŠ• Yuka Amito βŠ• Yuka Amito βŠ•
Kuroto Mogari βŠ• Kuroto Mogari βŠ•

Description: Blood-C

This latest sequel to 'Blood: The Last Vampire', produced by the all-female team CLAMP, features Saya Kisaragi. She's a nice enough girl, although a bit clumsy and overly kind to others – usually at the risk of being late for school. During the daytime, when she's not at school, she serves as a miko at her father's shrine. But at night, a different aspect comes over her – sword in hand, she battles against supernatural forces, much like her late mother did. These nightly battles will soon have Saya questioning her very existence on this plane.

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