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Japanese Info
Blue DragonBlue Dragon (ブルードラゴン)Blue Dragon
51 TV Episodes51 TV Episodes
March 29, 2008 (Cartoon Network broadcast)April 7, 2007–March 29, 2008
VizStudio Pierrot/SKY Perfect Well Think Co./TV Tokyo
Hironobu Sakaguchi, Mistwalker (Based on the video game)
Yukihiro Matsushita
Adventure, Comedy, FantasyAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
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Characters: Blue Dragon

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Andropov Andoropofu General Rogi βŠ• General Rogi βŠ•
Bouquet Bouquet General Szabo βŠ• General Szabo βŠ•
Jiro Jiro Gustav βŠ• Gustav βŠ•
Kluke Kluke Homeron βŠ• --?--
Shu Shu Ivanov βŠ• Ivanov βŠ•
Zola Zola Legolas βŠ• Legolas βŠ•
Blue Dragon βŠ• Blue Dragon βŠ• Marumaro βŠ• Marumaro βŠ•
Deathroy βŠ• --?-- Nene βŠ• Nene βŠ•
Dolsk βŠ• Dolsk βŠ• Saber Tiger βŠ• Saber Tiger βŠ•

Description: Blue Dragon

Based on the XBox 360 RPG, Blue Dragon chronicles the many adventures of Shu and his friends. After an attack on his home by a mysterious, unknown enemy, Shu and his allies prepare to take on the threat and defend their home. They soon learn all the trouble is caused by a mysterious and sinister old man named Nene. The quest Zola and Jiro are on is to find descendants of the "7 Solders of Light" to stop the evil of Nene, and the Blue Dragon was a shadow of one of them, apparently their leader.

Nene is on a mission to dominate the world with Shadow magic and the technology at his disposal. In order to stand up to Nene's powerful forces, Shu and his friends must use the powers of Shadow (Shu's is the Blue Dragon). Will their new-found abilities be enough to save the world from Nene's evil plans?

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