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BouquetBouquetBouquet (Blue Dragon)
Shadow wielderShadow wielder
10-12 years old16-17 years old
Dark GreyDark Grey
About 4'9"About 145 cm
About 90lbsAbout 40.8 kg
Member of the Ra ClanMember of the Ra Clan
"I wont feel right if I don't express my grattitude''
Melissa FahnYuichi Nagashima
Episode 6Episode 6
Blue DragonBlue Dragon

Character Description: Bouquet

Bouquet first encountered Shu and the others when she was working as a waitress in a restaurant. They saved her when she was being harassed by two customers. After that Bouquet keeps offering to show her gratitude for Shu and the others, and constantly tries everything she can think of to thank them. Although Bouquet means well she is a bit of an airhead at times.

Bouquet loses her job as a waitress and asks to join Shu and his team, but does not succeed in joining them at that time because they all run away from her thinking she is too crazy, clumsy, and to put it blunty annoying. She continues to pursue them though and eventually ends up joining them. She also has a big crush on Shu, so much that she might even be in love with him. Bouquet has a habit of calling Shu her fiancee and doesn't like Kluke getting too close to her so-called fiancee. There is definitely a bit of tension between her and Kluke, mainly because they both have feelings for Shu.

Bouquet is also the Shadow Wielder of Hippopotamus. He has the ability to shapeshift, sometimes using that ability by wrapping around Bouquet to provide her with a disguise. Hippopotamus later gains the ability to copy the attacks that he is hit by. He may be a bit of a coward at times, but he cares a lot for Bouquet and would do anything for her and her friends.

Bouquet (Blue Dragon) Bouquet has the ability to become invisible, helping her through a lot of difficult fighting situations. And she even uses it to sneak around and spy on people.

Bouquet is also hated by Cynthia, a general from General Logi's independent flying squadron. This is mainly because she is jealous of Bouquet's beauty and thinks that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She even wants to destroy Bouquet because of it poor girl.

Overall Bouquet is a very kind person and beautiful to many around her, even if she is a bit of an air head, and you can tell she cares a lot for her friends.

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