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Character Profile: Kluke

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kluke Kluke Kluke (Blue dragon)
Shadow Wielder Shadow Wielder
Human Human
Female Female
10 years old 16 years old
Auburn brown Auburn brown
Green Green
About 4'10" About 147 cm
About 90 lbs About 40.8 kg
Protector Protector
"Shut up you freak"  
Michelle Ruff Erino Hazuki
Episode 1 Episode 1
Blue dragon Blue dragon

Character Description: Kluke

Kluke is a very pretty 10 year old girl (16 in the Japanese version) who is short tempered, intelligent, and overall very kind towards her friends. She is the owner of the Shadow Phoenix who uses black magic attacks. The Phoenix's abilities are teleportation and the use of defensive barriers when in battle.

Kluke has a crush on Shu, although she would never admit it. There is a lot of rivalry between her and Bouquet because of them both having feelings for Shu. Even though Kluke sometimes whacks Shu with a frying pan and yells at him for being stupid, she really cares about him.

Kluke is also very protective with her friends; during the group's first battle with Lord Nene, Kluke was knocked into a coma when she decided to protect Zola from being killed. This is when her Shadow Phoenix appeared. Later on, Kluke does wake up from her coma but doesn't know how to make her shadow appear again. But when she and the rest of the group go into a cave with images of all their shadow monsters, Kluke finds out how to properly summon Phoenix. The answer lies in her heart.This is when Kluke realizes that it is her job to protect her friends. Kluke then becomes a very useful ally.

Andropov, a member from General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron, is known to develop a crush on Kluke later on in the first season. This is when he was assigned to capture her for General Logi to interrogate.

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