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Momiji FujimiyaMomiji FujimiyaMomiji Fujimiya (Blue Seed)
Princess KushinadaPrincess Kushinada
15 years old (a Libra) (Blue Seed), 17 years old (Blue Seed Beyond)15 years old (a Libra) (Blue Seed), 17 years old (Blue Seed Beyond)
About 125 lbs.About 56.7 kg
Type AType A
One of the twin KushinadasOne of the twin Kushinadas
Amanda Winn Lee (Blue Seed), Monica Rial (Blue Seed Beyond)Megumi Hayashibara
Blue SeedBlue Seed
· · ·
Blue Seed BeyondBlue Seed 2

Character Description: Momiji Fujimiya

Momiji Fujimiya was born in Izumo, the birthplace of many Japanese legends, and she had always thought herself to be rather ordinary. Sure, she had to undergo constant rituals of purification, and her grandmother constantly reminded her that she may need to consider her destiny for the sake of the people of Japan. But she never took full stock of just how different she really was... until Kusanagi found her.

It was the first time anyone called her the Kushinada, and it was the first time anyone outright said they wanted to kill her. It would not be the last time for either.

Even as Kusanagi sought her out, the Aragami began their hunt for her as well. Momiji would begin to learn more about herself than anyone had ever told her. In her blood flows a mysterious force: the Kushinada pulse, a force dating back to the Age of Legends and passed down to her through the generations. Her death is the bane of the Aragami, since it would release that pulse and send all the Aragami into eternal slumber. The only way the Aragami can block the pulse is to surround Momiji within a field of special ceramic. Within the process of Orochi's attempt to do this, Mamoru intervened, and when Orochi tried to strike a fatal blow upon him...Momiji intercepted the blow! Orochi was forced to relinquish his remaining mitama (blue seed) in order to save her life and prevent the release of the Kushinada pulse.

Thus it was that Momiji became endowed with a mitama on her chest: a mitama that she slowly began to learn about. The mitama is the soul of an Aragami, but as long as she maintained a strong will, she could keep it from affecting her. still, it provides her with something the TAC had needed so badly: the ability to detect and sense the presence of the Aragami. To protect her from the Aragami, Mr. Kunikida of the TAC takes her in and brings her to Tokyo, but the Aragami would follow.

Momiji and the TAC must now begin to unravel the mystery of the Aragami, a mystery that will have Momiji encountering unspeakable horrors, rivalry, love, her first kiss, a constant problem with her panties, a twin sister she never knew about, and the strength to stand up to her destiny.

Momiji has a very optimistic outlook on herself and humanity in general. She tends to look on the bright side of things, and she generally possesses an initiative...except in matters of love, where she turns very shy. Her personality will play a critical role in her shaping as the Kushinada, as will the peculiar relationship between herself and Kusanagi. He seems like a very nice guy once you put everything together about him...but how to tell him?

The name "Momiji" means maple, like the red of maple leaves.

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