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Japanese Info
Blue SonnetAkai Kiba Blue Sonnet(赤い牙ブルーソネット)("Crimson Fang Blue Sonnet")
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 Crimson Fang Blue Sonnet
U.S. Manga Corp. 
Masahiro ShibataMasahiro Shibata
Takeyuki KandaTakeyuki Kanda
Action, AdventureAction, Adventure
Bird Bird
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Dr. Merikus Dr. Merikus
· · ·
Jim Kiryu Jim Kiryu
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Lan Komatsuzaki Lan Komatsuzaki
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Naru Haibara Naru Haibara
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Characters: Blue Sonnet

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bird Bird Sonnet Barje Sonnet Barje
Dr. Merikus Dr. Merikus Wataru Wataru
Jim Kiryu Jim Kiryu Yumi Yumi
Lan Komatsuzaki Lan Komatsuzaki Yuri Onagara Yuri Onagara
Naru Haibara Naru Haibara    

Description: Blue Sonnet

The plot involves espers, world domination, coming of age, friendship, life, death, love, and the meaning of humanity.

Well, to distinguish it from all the other shows from that mold: this is the story of (Blue) Sonnet, child of the streets, used and abused, and then changed and raised to become the strongest ESPer-cyborg and perfect warrior, who discovers that there is more to that last than just being the perfect soldier.

And this is the story of Komatsuzaki Lan, a quiet girl who discovers herself to bear within her blood all the power and all the rage of the Akai Kiba (Crimson Fang), and to bear within her heart the strength of a woman who will bend but never break.

And it is the story of how, despite the differences between their respective upbringings in East and West, there was no breed nor blood nor birth when two strong humans came face to face— whether upon or within the depths of the earth.