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Character Profile: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bobobo-bo Bo-boboBobobo-bo Bo-boboBobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)
Human (I think)Human (I think)
27 years old (source: manga chapter 47, page 16)27 years old (source: manga chapter 47, page 16)
Blue (but always wears glasses)Blue (but always wears glasses)
Rebel of the Hair SnatchersRebel of the Hair Snatchers
"You act like you've never seen five-foot-long nose hair before."
Richard EpcarTakehito Koyasu
Episode 1Episode 1
Bobobo-bo Bo-boboBobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Character Description: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Forget anything you think about Bobobo being one of those cool level headed hero's. Bobobo is something out of Furi Curi, only if at all with more control over the insane way he acts. Bobobo can hear the voices of hair and can uses his long nose hairs to fight the forces of the evil Hair Snatchers who are bent on shaving the heads of every person in Margarita.

While dolling out hair puns during fights may seem strange, the things that tend to come out of his hair and nose are by far just plain weird. Aside from walking and talking boogies, and a little man that seem to be the one who cares for Bobobo's nose hairs. What comes out of his hair is near random, from a pair of squirrels with relationship problems, to a mini class of graduating High School students.

Although he always wears sunglasses, his eyes were shown to be blue when he was a child.

Character Description: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo is a strange person who is out trying to save the world from the Hair Hunters who want to obliterate all the hair in the world. To fight against the hair-snatchers, he uses his nose hair! He is always wearing his sunglasses, and has caused much confusion to Beauty by: cross-dressing, sitting in a burger bun for a few days just to see how a burger feels, turning into a tank, becoming a veggie, and a lot of other weird things.

You never know what will pop out of his 'fro. So far I have seen a rock band, a school (complete with teachers and students), and a few squirrels. Who know what he'll do next? Not me, and I doubt he knows, either.

Bo-bobo enjoys fighting his enemies, and he also likes bread. He dislikes static electricity during winter. His abilities include Fist of the Nose Hair, and Jenga.

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