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BokuranoBokurano (ใผใใ‚‰ใฎ)Bokurano
24 TV episodes24 TV episodes
Hiroyuki Morita
Action, Mecha, Paranormal, Sci-FiAction, Mecha, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Aiko Tokosumi โŠ•Aiko Tokosumi โŠ•
· · ·
Chizuru Honda โŠ•Chizuru Honda โŠ•
· · ·
Daiichi Yamura โŠ•Daiichi Yamura โŠ•
· · ·
Isao Kako โŠ•Isao Kako โŠ•
· · ·
Jun Ushiro โŠ•Jun Ushiro โŠ•
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Characters: Bokurano

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aiko Tokosumi โŠ• Aiko Tokosumi โŠ• Mako Nakarai โŠ• Mako Nakarai โŠ•
Chizuru Honda โŠ• Chizuru Honda โŠ• Masamitsu Seki โŠ• Masamitsu Seki โŠ•
Daiichi Yamura โŠ• Daiichi Yamura โŠ• Masaru Kodama โŠ• Masaru Kodama โŠ•
Isao Kako โŠ• Isao Kako โŠ• Misumi Tanaka โŠ• Misumi Tanaka โŠ•
Jun Ushiro โŠ• Jun Ushiro โŠ• Takami Komoda โŠ• Takami Komoda โŠ•
Kana Ushiro โŠ• Kana Ushiro โŠ• Takashi Waku โŠ• Takashi Waku โŠ•
Kanji Yoshikawa โŠ• Kanji Yoshikawa โŠ• Yoko Machi โŠ• Yoko Machi โŠ•
Kunihiko Moji โŠ• Kunihiko Moji โŠ• Yousuke Kirie โŠ• Yousuke Kirie โŠ•
Maki Ano โŠ• Maki Ano โŠ•

Description: Bokurano

Fifteen children meet a man named Kokopelli in a cave that is full of computers. He explains to them that he is making a game where they pilot a giant robot and have to fight 15 enemies to protect the Earth. The children all sign a contract with him to play this game and afterwards they wake up on a beach.

Soon after, they are transported into a large room which Kokopelli says is inside the robot. An enemy appears and he fights it off. Afterwards, when it is their turn to pilot the robot, a strange marking appears on their skin. They then discover a horrifying truth... after they have piloted the robot, they die.

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