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White BomberShirobonWhite Bomber (Bomberman Jetters)
10 years old10 years old
Mighty's younger brotherMighty's younger brother
"Well it's all because I have two bomb stars"
Tomoko Kaneda
Episode 1Episode 1
Bomberman JettersBomberman Jetters

Character Description: White Bomber

White Bomber is a young child compared to the rest of the Jetters. He is very stubborn and very arrogant. He believes he is a great Bomberman, even from whenever he only had two Bomb stars (out of the seven he needed to become a real Bomberman). White Bomber does not like to work and prefers to put most of his chores onto Louie. He shared a deep bond with his older brother, Mighty. He also knows a bit of sense of justice. At first, White Bomber was trying to become just like his older brother, though later on, he decides to become a Bomberman, by obtaining seven Bomb stars. Apparently Bomb stars only appear whenever you develop a deep bond with someone.

White Bomber and the Jetters' leader Shout do seem to bicker and fight a lot (most of the time stopped by Birdy), though they do care for each other deeply and will help each other in times of need. White Bomber's relationship with Bongo and Gangu is a decent one. Though not as strong as it is with the other Jetters, their bond did allow him to obtain his third Bomb star.

He starts off as just your average Bomberman (or really Bomberkid as the case may be). He gets a visit by his older brother, Mighty. What happened though was that White Bomber decided to show off his bomb powers and accidentally tripped. The bomb went down a pretty big set of stairs toward a Bombette (a female Bomberman). Mighty was able to save her... from a small smoke puff. Afterwards, Mighty scolded White Bomber about his misused powers. However, the two made up pretty quickly. Mighty explained to his younger brother that he was on Planet Bomber to watch after a unique artifact that the Hige-hige bandits are planning to steal. Their leader Mujoe attempts to steal the artifact. White Bomber was kidnapped and held for ransom. Mighty agreed to the exchange, telling White Bomber it'll be all right. After it was all said and done, though, the Jetters successfully recovered the artifact and left for another mission.

After that mission Mighty went missing for quite a while. White Bomber was asked to take Mighty's place. White Bomber agreed and soon took off toward Planet Jetters. Soon, White Bomber met up with the new leader of Jetters, a human that goes by the name of Shout. They had a bumpy relationship though at first. However, as time passes, Shout and White Bomber do become great friends. As new missions keep coming in, the mystery behind Mighty's disappearance becomes more and more shrouded. White Bomber soon learns that his brother did not just disappear...he was murdered, by a mysterious person named Max. White Bomber wants revenge on Max for killing his closest friend.

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