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Anime Profile: Bondage 101

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bondage 101 Choubatsu Yobikou(懲罰予備校)("Punishment Prepschool") Bondage 101
· · ·
  Punishment Prepschool
2 OVA episodes 2 OVA episodes
March 28, 2006  
Critical Mass  
Hentai Hentai
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· · ·
Vanilla Series Vanilla Series
Asuna Narita Asuna Narita
· · ·
Kyoichi Shizuma Kyouichi Shimazu
· · ·
Professor Kusugi Professor Kusugi
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at The Right Stuf and Amazon.

Anime Characters: Bondage 101

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Asuna Narita Asuna Narita Tomo Nagasato Tomo Nagasato
Kyoichi Shizuma Kyouichi Shimazu Vice Dean Vice Dean
Professor Kusugi Professor Kusugi Yumiko Nitou Yumiko Nitou

Anime Description: Bondage 101

Okay, let's see what we have here... there's a school filled with beautiful young female students, and a teacher who was hired on to teach some of these sexy students how to be sex slaves... yep, this must be yet another Vanilla Series release. You know, I like hentai as much as the next guy, but this constant retelling of the same old student-sex-slave story is really kind of getting annoying. C'mon guys, lets try to get some imagination injected into these titles! Let's hire on some new blood to write something that doesn't involve students or nurses. Please?!

Bondage 101Well, even if the story is as far from unique as you could get in a Vanilla Series title, at least the artwork and art direction are above average. This is definitely one of the nicer looking hentai titles I've seen in a while. There are many scenes that are very well detailed, especially when it comes to the characters. This made it very easy for me to pick out great-looking screenshots. Also, there were a lot of non-standard camera angles used here, which helped to keep the film interesting despite the story.

Bondage 101The story. Okay, so it starts out with Professor Kyoichi Shizuma giving his first lesson on how to be a sex slave to the green-haired class president, Yumiko Nitou. The beautiful and busty Professor Kusugi stands close by, watching, and it soon becomes clear that although this is Yumiko's first time with Professor Shizuma, it is far from her first lesson as a sex slave. And what's more is that she really enjoys the lessons! And what's even more beyond that is the little tidbit of knowledge that she has, as of yet, never achieved an orgasm. Poor girl!

Bondage 101The next day Professor Shizuma is given the profiles of two new girls that need to start training, the problematic Tomo Nagasato, and Asuna Narita, for whom the academy has high hopes. First up is Tomo, who finds herself being violated in her own bedroom after awaking from whatever drugs Professor Shizuma slipped her. Her repeated pleas to stop fall on deaf ears. Before Asuna gets her turn, Professor Shizuma has another session with Yumiko in which he succeeds in giving her that which she has been lacking for so long. Next up is Asuna, whom is lured to an otherwise empty classroom by Professor Shizuma where he quickly ties her up and begins the lesson.

Bondage 101Alrighty, so Professor Shizuma not only got both of his two new assignments trained, but also managed to provide Yumiko with her first orgasms. Things are looking good for the perverted professor... uh-oh, maybe I spoke too soon. It looks like Tomo and Asuna are gonna try to break out during the night and alert the authorities to what's been going on. I guess the professor's lessons weren't as effective as he thought! Of course, that's not gonna stop him from trying again, and this time with the help of a couple colleges and the aid of a video camcorder. One way or another, Professor Shizuma is determined to make these girls into the perfect sex slaves!

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