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Anime Profile: Bondage Queen Kate

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bondage Queen KateNessa no Wakusei- Jokouankan: Kate (熱砂の惑星-女公安官ケイト)Bondage Queen Kate
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
Kitty MediaJC Staff/Pikaresuku
Ryoichi Oka
Ryoichi Oka
Comedy, Hentai, Romance, Sci-FiComedy, Hentai, Romance, Sci-Fi
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Brick ⊕
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Kate Curtis ⊕ Kate ⊕

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Description: Bondage Queen Kate

This was not the ideal assignment that Kate Curtis wanted. A young officer assigned to her first undercover case, Kate must go to the desert world Doone, a planet where young girls had been disappearing... and she has to go disguised as an airheaded slut!

So it's off to Doone, wearing skimpy clothing, carrying a purse that says "Rape Me" filled with all sorts of sex toys and a doubtful feeling in her gut that Kate goes. But soon, Kate loses her backup, her freedom, her virginity... and her heart, as she's captured and forced to endure all sorts of degradation, not to mention falling in love with her captors.

However, will the love survive when the big raid happens?

Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate Bondage Queen Kate

Image Gallery: Bondage Queen Kate Episode 1

Image Gallery: Bondage Queen Kate Episode 2

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