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Character Profile: Sylia Stingray

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sylia Stingray Sylia Stingray Sylia Stingray (Bubblegum Crisis)
Sylia Stingray (Bubblegum Crisis)
Human(possible Cyberdroid) Human(possible Cyberdroid)
Female Female
22 years(born May 31, 2010 AD) 22 years(born May 31, 2010 AD)
Black Black
Brown Brown
5'10" 179 cm
106 lbs 48 kg
35-23-35" 90-58-90 cm
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
"Frail humans need not fear anything more...Brian J. Mason."  
Jamila Ericson Sakakibara Yoshiko
Episode 1 Episode 1
Bubblegum Crisis Bubblegum Crisis
· · ·
Bubblegum Crash Bubblegum Crash
· · ·
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Character Description: Sylia Stingray

Sylia Stingray is the leader and benefactor of the Knight Sabers. Her ingenius tactics and extensive knowledge of technical sciences, medical procedures, etc., has kept her organization, the Knight Sabers, together. Sylia is exceptionally attractive, but this is matched by her cold, dangerous nature that led her to kill two men.

In the year 2022, the dawn of boomer technology, Doctor Stingray was assassinated by the treacherous Genom Corporation. After their father's death, Sylia and her little brother were all that was left of their family. Sylia inheritted her late father's huge fortune as well as an enormous amount of data concerning her father's research. All this data was directly input into her brain (this technique was also part of Doctor Stingray's boomer technology). In this way, Sylia was reborn as a kind of "super-lady".

Soon, Mega Tokyo was being terrorized by Genom's boomers. Sylia, upset at such an abuse of her father's technology, decided to bring down Genom and its boomers. In the year 2030, with the completion of her "hardsuit" design (a compact and powerful armored soldier), Sylia began to recruit women for her group of punishers, the Knight Sabers.

Sylia is an incredible fighter, the most efficient from the group, and uses the most brutal methods out of the Knight Sabers for bringing her opponent down. She has a thirst for revenge that cannot and will not be quenched until GENOM is brought down. She is haunted by the 'death' of the first man she killed, Brian J. Mason, and her ties to him suggest that she, too, may be a Cyberdroid.

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