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Character Profile: Chi-Momma

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chi-Momma   Chi-Momma (Burn Up Excess)
The Tranvestite Queen  
Human Human
Male Male
46 years 46 years
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
Imprisoned Imprisoned
Let's all get Moroccan sex changes.  
Paul Mercier  
Burn Up Excess Burn Up Excess

Character Description: Chi-Momma

They always warn you that in the deep, dark, seedy underbelly of crime lies a disgusting sight that will haunt your dreams till death. And that sight is unfortunately Chi-momma, the disgustingly, twisted transvestite queen of Police's Town's little slut brigade. During a minor panty pervert case, Rio and Yuji discovered that a mysterious woman was setting fire to diamond stores, exiting, and then a team of false firemen would come in and steal the diamonds.

That woman turned out to be a man that worked for Chi-momma, a man who dresses himself up in the most nastiest and repulsive women's wear. Chi-Momma loves looking for new flesh be it a male or female, he's always looking for new skirts to take a tour into. But despite his down right bizarre nature, Chi-momma is a very dominating and crazy criminal who is excellent at hiding and escaping the law's hands. He's also an expert on fashion and physical beauty (HA!)

Ahem, sorry. When Rio went under cover as a skank trying to cut into his man-whore business, he found a sickening attraction to her and even called her his little "Stephanie". He got busted by Team Warrior but managed to get out of jail and try another scheme by kidnapping Nanvel and using her inventions to make him invisible. That way his man-whore club could sneak into banks unnoticed. But in the end, Chi-momma never got his dream vacation to Morocco nor sex changes with his fellow man whore team mates.

Instead he got his balls busted by Rio (literally), and his hairy ass tossed back in prison for a long, long, long time.

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