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Mr. Harry MasatoMr. Harry MasatoMr. Harry Masato (Burn Up Excess)
"And now it's showtime"
Mike RossSeki Toshihiko
Burn Up ExcessBurn Up Excess

Character Description: Mr. Harry Masato

Every circus needs a ring master, and every dark devious plot needs a twisted master behind it all, and that is where Harry Masato comes in. Staging himself as the phantom puppet master behind all the crime workings in police city, Harry is the main enemy of the infamous Team Warrior. But he wasn't always like this, nor was he always so scarred, evil, and well....down right insane.

It all began many years ago when he met the woman of his dreams, when he met Maki. Harry was a police officer when Maki first entered the academy. He saved her life from a crazy gun man, and from that day the two immediately fell in love. Harry, going by only Masato back then, even bought Maki a puppy for her to love and cherish. All seemed perfect in their life, they were even to be married, however their ceremonial cruise was struck by a bomb.

Maki survived but was unable to find her love. Little did she know that Harry did in fact survive. He was horribly scarred and was found by a group of fishermen. It was then he learned the very same police chief he worked for had set the bomb, trying to kill him before getting too close on cracking a black diamond smuggling case. Harry wanted revenge, and so stayed dead for now.

A cold and calculating person, Harry is incredibly wise and always calm no matter what problem goes his way. He's also a brilliant planner, and well versed with the law and the criminal world. Which easily gave him an edge over the other rival gangs in Police City, until eventually hiring Ruby and planning to demolosh the city.

But Team Warrior attacked and destroyed his berzerker female fighting machines, and Maki discovered that her beloved Masato was truly "dead". The two had a gun confrontation on the top of Tokyo tower, Harry, however, infatuated with her physical beauty knew she would never join at his side no matter how hard he tried, but he also knew she would never kill him....he was wrong.

During a timed bomb set by Rio in the Tokyo's central structure, Harry was shot dead by Maki and his body was engulfed in the flames. Though Maki lived through to cry for another day, losing Harry Masato was one loss she may never get over.

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