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Burn Up ExcessBaannappu Excess (kana:バーンナップEXCESS) ("Burn Up Excess")Burn Up Excess
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Burn Up XBurn Up Excess
13 OVA episodes13 OVA episodes
December 17, 1997December 17, 1997
ADV Films/PCB Prod.AIC/Culture Publishers/Magic bus
Shinichiro Kimura
Action, Adventure, Comedy, EcchiAction, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi
Burn Up!Burn Up!
· · ·
Burn Up W!Burn Up W!
· · ·
Burn Up ScrambleBurn Up Scramble
· · ·
Harry MasatoHarry Masato
· · ·
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Characters: Burn Up Excess

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chi-Momma Chi-Momma Nanvel Candlestick Nanvel Candlestick
Harry Masato Harry Masato Rio Kinezono Rio Kinezono
Lilica Ebett Lilica Ebett Ruby Ruby
Maki Kawasaki Maki Kawasaki Yuji Naruo Yuji Naruo
Maya Jingu Maya Jingu Miyuki Miyuki

Description: Burn Up Excess

Police Town is swarming with mechanical bugs, evil terrorists, and transvestite criminals. Who do you call.....someone sane? NO! You call Team Warrior. A special team of beautiful women (and 1 guy) armed to the teeth with high tech weaponry and high explosives.

Conspiracy and deception exists in the shape of a beautiful silver haired woman, leading to a series of bizarre and hilarious resulting crimes.

Now Team Warrior must put their bouncing boobs to the test, and prove their worth against some of the most destuctive and wicked terrorists ever to attack the Earth. Saddle up for Burn up Excess!

A hilarious cop adventure that will leave you stunned, laughing, shocked, and with a bleeding nose.

Audio Files: Burn Up Excess

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