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Character Profile: Ruby

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ruby Ruby Ruby (Burn Up Excess)
The Silver Eagle  
Human Human
Female Female
23 years 23 years
Silver Silver
Purple Purple
Deceased Deceased
"The eagle has indeed landed."  
Paula Tiso Shinohara Emi
Burn Up Excess Burn Up Excess

Character Description: Ruby

They say the black widow is most beautiful before she is most deadly. Seduction and death have been mixed many times before and that tradition sadistically continues with Ruby, the infamous silver eagle. She first appeared as a "hostage" in the first Excess episode, secretly wiring robotical hornets inside the Tokyo Tower's central computer. Clearly there was more to her then meets the eye.

Shrouded in a past life that's null and void, not much is known about Ruby or how she came to work with her boss, Harry. She supposedly met him during his rise to crime and was smitten with the scarred slick trickster. Her love for him goes beyond professional courtesy, and that's clearly seen when she confronts Maki. Though she thinks little of both Maki and her team warrior.

Ruby is very skilled in physical combat, she's cunning and has pulled the wool over many criminal gangs eyes to snatch a precious prize along the way. From bathing in diamonds to spying in mafias, Ruby has scratched her golden claws on almost every crime hot spot in Police City.

But when Team Warrior attacked their HQ at Tokyo Tower, Ruby wanted Maki dead for stirring up the old flame visage with Harry. Rio ended up meeting the grey haired vixen and engaged in a violent fist brawl. Even as she fights, we see Ruby is extremely confident in her own skills and does everything with style and extreme pain. But Rio managed to fondle her way out of Ruby's grasp... just in time to leave Ruby down for the count just when her bomb went off.

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