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Yuji NaruoYuji NaruoYuji Naruo (Burn Up W!)
"Guy" Yuji
22 years (born April 11)22 years (born April 11)
Dusty blondeDusty blonde
6'1"185 cm
Type BType B
Vehicles Expert of Team WarriorVehicles Expert of Team Warrior
"I will go down in the name of all horny men."
Jason LeeHiroki Takahashi
Burn Up W!Burn Up W!
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Burn Up ExcessBurn Up Excess

Character Description: Yuji Naruo

Ask the girls of Warrior, and they'll tell you that Yuji Naruo is a pervert, a peeping tom, and then some. He's always on the lookout for a risque look at pretty girls, and he always keeps his video camera handy to record his exploits. Though he, like any man, loves a sexy figure, he's a consumate leg man. And he's always trying to hit on the oh-so-beautiful Rio (Rio likes his fixation, since it allows her to push his buttons), but he always tends to take it too far, and he usually gets beaten up. If it isn't Rio slugging him for looking up her skirt, it's the rest of Team Warrior for sneaking into the girl's locker.

That aside, he worked his way up from the traffic squad and is skilled in all the vehicles in the police arsenal, be it land or air. This is why he's in Team Warrior. He's the best driver and pilot on the force and serious when it counts.

Character Description: Yuji Naruo

With a famous quote like "I will go down in the name of all horny men.", one can only imagine what kind of man Yuji Naruo can be. Yuji is the pilot and camera man for the Team Warrior project. Though goofy, and sometimes whiny, Yuji does in fact have many talented skills, including being able to operate any kind of vehicle be it air or land, and being an expert with cameras.

But Yuji's passion and his problem lie in the same boat, the perverts boat that is. Yuji is a COLOSSAL perverted freak. he's always taking pictures and video captures of Rio's legs, or zooming up on her breasts, or joining the occasional panty conversation. Even his locker is stacked with perverted pictures and captures of other people's legs, butts, the usual porno pervo stash.

But Yuji is still a good and honorable man when it comes to aiding his team mates. As perverse as he is, he would never leave his team mates hanging, and has even saved their lives a few times in combat. Rio is the primary objective of his peeping tom eyes and video camera angles, even though she beats him senseless when she catches him. Deep down I think Yuji really just loves Rio as a sexual diva, but if he cools his hormones down, who knows?

Yuji will always be a hilarious addition to Team Warrior's "unique" brand of crime busting, even if he ends up getting jaw busted for looking up the enemy's skirt now and then.

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