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Lilica EvetteLilica EvetteLilica Evette (Burn Up Scramble)
Human (telepath)Human (telepath)
23 years old23 years old
Member of the WarriorsMember of the Warriors
Sue Beth ArdenMamiko Noto
Scramble 3: Warriors, Five Seconds to Detonation!Scramble 3: Warriors, Five Seconds to Detonation!
Burn Up ScrambleBaannappu Sukuranburu
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Lilica Evette (from Burn Up)Lilica Evette (from Burn Up)

Character Description: Lilica Evette

The newest member of the Warriors, Lilica Evette was originally part of another country's special telepath program, but when that program was shut down, she was confined by herself in a secure facility, because of the dangerous nature of her powers. She then got a new lease on life when she was recruited by the Warriors' commander to the team.

Lilica's presence on the Warriors is top secret to the majority of the police department, although she does wear the uniform, and is so powerful that she often wears magnetic cuffs on her wrists and ankles – restraints usually reserved for A-class criminals. However, because she was alone most of her life, she lacks many of the social skills that many develop by being around people. She is also insecure and unsure of herself. But she also looks up to her teammates – especially Rio Kinezono, who she often addresses in the honorific 'sempai'.

Lilica Evette (Burn Up Scramble) Lilica has many powers at her disposal. Through practice, she has developed a form of telepathic 'dowsing', which she uses a crystal pendant to locate either a criminal, or the location of a future crime. Also, she can sometimes locate a potential criminal by telepathically sweeping a room, using clue words to get an impression of what they're thinking. She also has the ability to use a form of automatic writing, but with using pictures. She has other powers as well, but sometimes under stress those powers come out... and usually at the worst times for Rio.

Lilica also acts unusual when she drinks. She loses a lot of her inhibitions (which are many) when she does, and usually acts strangely... like going to the store dressed in nothing but a kitchen apron.

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