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Rio KinezonoRio KinezonoRio Kinezono (Burn Up Scramble)
23 years old23 years old
Police officer, member of the WarriorsPolice officer, member of the Warriors
Julie Anne TaylorMegumi Toyoguchi
Scramble 1: Warriors Strike at Dawn!Scramble 1: Warriors Strike at Dawn!
Burn Up ScrambleBaannappu Sukuranburu
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Rio Kinezono (from Burn Up)Rio Kinezono (from Burn Up)

Character Description: Rio Kinezono

Rio Kinezono (Burn Up Scramble) Martial arts are in Rio Kinezono's blood. Her father owns a karate dojo has studied there all her life. As a result, she has achieved the highest level of proficiency in the art. She is a first-class fighter and is even capable of dodging bullets fired at her. This is why she is the unarmed combat specialist with the Warriors. However, because the team is top secret, she works the city services division of the police department, which often has her doing very demeaning work, such as rescuing cats fallen in drains... and getting scratched by them while doing it.

One thing has escaped Rio's pursuits so far... the finding of true love. She is so desperate to find a man to fall in love with and marry that she often relies on horoscopes and "lucky colors" to achieve her goal. But so far, the only person that has taken noticed is Chief Yuji Naruo... and he has a VERY jealous girlfriend in the form of Matsuri Tamagawa, who is doing her best to keep the busty Rio away from him. And Rio finds Yuji as a very insincere and annoying person, so she does her best to stay away from him. But sometimes Yuji's amorous advances come when a Warriors mission comes for Rio, so she usually ends up clobbering him, then apologizing on the run. And it doesn't help when Maya Jingu makes rather pointed remarks about Rio's failures in love, but Rio usually get her back with a few painful noogies to the head or a viscous chokehold.

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