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Burst AngelBakuretsu Tenshi ("Explosive Angel") (ηˆ†θ£‚ε€©δ½Ώ)Burst Angel
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Explosive Angel
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24 TV episodes (on DVD)24 TV episodes, 1 OVA
May 10, 2005Apr 6, 2004–Sep 14, 2004
FUNimationGONZO/TV Asahi/Animax/Media Factory
Ugetsu Hakua, Fumihiko Shimo
Koichi Ohata
Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-FiAction, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Amy βŠ• Amy βŠ•
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Angelique βŠ• Angelique βŠ•
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Azuma Iriki βŠ• Azuma Iriki βŠ•
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Characters: Burst Angel

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Amy βŠ• Amy βŠ• Meg βŠ• Meg βŠ•
Angelique βŠ• Angelique βŠ• Nadeshiko βŠ• Nadeshiko βŠ•
Azuma Iriki βŠ• Azuma Iriki βŠ• Sei βŠ• Sei βŠ•
Hayao Ichimonji βŠ• Hayao Ichimonji βŠ• Shiho Kazami βŠ• Shiho Kazami βŠ•
Jei βŠ• Jei βŠ• Takane βŠ• Takane βŠ•
Jo βŠ• Jo βŠ• Tetsuzou βŠ• Tetsuzou βŠ•
Kyohei Tachibana βŠ• Kyohei Tachibana βŠ• Youko βŠ• Youko βŠ•

Description: Burst Angel

In the not-to-far future, the government of Tokyo has made the use of firearms completely legal, leading to a high level of lawlessness and chaos. Crimes infest the streets, and a dangerous new syndicate is making its move.

Enter Kyohei, an aspiring pastry cook hoping to gain extra money to attend a prestigious Cooking Academy in France. One day, he answers a seemingly innocent want-ad for a private chef and ends up working for four beautiful girls named Jo, Meg, Amy, and Sei. However, Kyohei quickly learns that things aren't what they seem and he ends up in the middle of a struggle between the girls and a bloodthirsty syndicate. He finds out the girls are mercenaries named the Burst Angels, who aim to bring peace and justice to Tokyo. But will Kyohei survive while being caught in the struggle?

Description: Burst Angel

In Japan's future, all civilians are permitted to carry weapons and authority is almost nonexistent. Kyohei is a young man whose only goal in life is to become a chef. But in order to make enough money to go to culinary school, he has to take up a part-time job.

He is hired by Jo, Meg, and Amy, who later turn out to be... a team of high-class mercenary hotties working for a noble named Sei! As the personal chef for Jo, the woman with the past that is even hazy and mysterious to her; Meg, the kind but incredibly self-reliant klutz; and Amy, the young computer genius, Kyohei finds himself right in the line of fire!

Description: Burst Angel

In the future, crime is everywhere. RAPT, an all-female group is out to dispense justice. Unfortunately for them, they can't cook. So they hire Kyouhei, a young man in training to be a chef. Adventures take them to some of the seedier parts of town where Meg gets in trouble and Jo has to rescue her. Helping Jo out is Jango, a large humanoid robot.

The majority of plots go like this: Meg gets in trouble, Jo goes to save her, needs to enlist Jango's help.

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