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Character Profile: Mamoru Sakimori

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mamoru Sakimori Mamoru Sakimori Mamoru Sakimori (Buso Renkin)
Captain Bravo Captain Bravo
Human Human
Male Male
27 years old 27 years old
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
6'1" 185 cm
165.3 lbs 75 kg
Type A Type A
Warrior Chief of Alchemist Army / Dorm Manager of Ginsei Private Academy Warrior Chief of Alchemist Army / Dorm Manager of Ginsei Private Academy
"For good or for evil, there is no shame in holding to your beliefs!"  
Episode 6 Episode 6
Buso Renkin Busou Renkin

Character Description: Mamoru Sakimori

Captain Bravo first appears to be a very serious and mysterious character. He has a very enthusiastic nature which bellies the seriousness of the missions he must carry out, and he is very much like Kazuki in terms of his gung-ho attitude towards self betterment and life in general. He participates in all manners of hobbies and has absolutely no problem with striking a victory pose to gain access to the L.X.E. headquarters. He shares a very strong bond with Kazuki as a result of these traits. He tries not to get emotional when a comrade dies as he believes that a warrior's defeat means death, but seems to harbor deep sadness.

He claims that he does not use his real name because it is cooler that way. The truth is he abandoned the name after his first and last mission in the "Shousei Team", as the failure of the mission led him to become ashamed to have a name. He acts as a father figure for Tokiko, after rescuing her as a child; then Kazuki, who trains him "without mercy" when Kazuki becomes a full Alchemist Warrior. He is the only other character besides Kazuki and Mahiro who loves green vegetable juice!

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