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Character Profile: Chouno Koushaku

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chouno Koushaku Chouno Koushaku(蝶野攻爵) Chouno Koushaku (Buso Renkin)
Papillon Papillon
Humanoid Homunculus Humanoid Homunculus
Male Male
19 years old(born June 26) 19 years old(born June 26)
Black Black
Dark purple Dark purple
5'9" 175 cm
141 lbs 64 kg
Student at Ginsei Private Academy / L.X.E. Member Student at Ginsei Private Academy / L.X.E. Member
"It's Papillon! You have to say it with love!"  
Episode 2(anime), Chapter 3(manga) Episode 2(anime), Chapter 3(manga)
Buso Renkin Busou Renkin

Character Description: Chouno Koushaku

Chouno is extremely selfish and only cares for himself. He aspired for eternal life no matter which method he must use to attain it even going as far as turning into a Homunculi. This huge desire for immortality stemmed from his affliction by a mysterious disease that weakens his body drastically and will eventually result in death.

Before turning to alchemy, he was a self-described wallflower at Ginsei Private Academy and the perceived neglection from his peers fostered a hatred within him for other people. He was so much removed from the rest of society that his own father wrote him off as dead. This hatred seems to die down after he becomes a Homunculus but still noted that he has nothing but bad memories from his old school and considered burning it down. By the end of the series his hatred seemed to completely vanish as he gains many fans thanks to his statement of being an urban legend which ultimately fulfills his desire for attention.

He is highly eccentric and often expresses his love of elegance, referencing his attire as an example of such elegance, while most characters disagree with this. He harbored a strong desire for a rematch with Kazuki and is the character who most frequently labels Kazuki a naive hypocrite. He is unique amongst his kind, as he no longer has any cannibalistic urges after consuming his family and those working for it.

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