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Candy CandyCandy CandyCandy Candy
Oct. 1976–Feb. 1979
Toei Animation
Mizuki Kyoko, Igarashi Yumiko
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Characters: Candy Candy

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Annie βŠ• --?-- Gary βŠ• --?--
Antony βŠ• Anthony βŠ• Lucy βŠ• --?--
Candy βŠ• --?-- Terry βŠ• --?--
Eliza βŠ• Irasya βŠ• William βŠ• --?--

Description: Candy Candy

This show is about the life and loves of a cute girl with blond hair named Candy, from her childhood in an orphanage, to her adoption by a very rich family. The end of the anime takes place during the first World War.

Annie and Candy were best friends who were raised in the same ophanage until around the age of 6. When Annie got adopted by a rich family, she started ignoring Candy. Annie wrote to Candy that she had alot of new friends and she doesn't want anyone to know that she is from an ophanage. It hurt Candy very much, but she never felt that Annie was no longer her friend. She always thought of Annie and hoped they would meet again.

Before Candy was adopted by a rich family, she was adopted to be a playmate for a rich family's daughter. Eliza and Carl were very mean and always made jokes about her, but she just ignored their rudeness. But Candy never gave up hope that someday she will get a family which treasures her.

Candy She eventually got over the sadness and was happy again, even after her best friend Antony died in a horse race. She realize that people die but they will always live on in your heart.

Candy had faith and trusted her friends. When Annie and Candy met again, Annie begged Candy not to take Gary away, because Gary was in love with Candy and Annie was in love with Gary. But Candy make her understand that Gary only likes her. She also helped her to realize that she should stand up for herself, because she was afraid that when her classmates found out that she is from an orphanage, they won't talk to her anymore. Finally, Annie admitted to her classmates that she is also from an orphanage. Candy and Annie were best friends again.

Candy was a very caring person. She helped her other best friend, Lucy, when the school found out that Lucy was hiding a turtle in her room. Candy begged her teacher to let her take care of it. If not, the school would get rid of the small, cute turtle. Candy escaped from the school and put the turtle in the zoo. That shows how much Candy cared for her friends.

When her lover, Terry, left her for the actress Suzanne, Candy didn't blame Terry or Suzanne. She was very understanding about why Terry did what he did. At last, when she could have been a rich lady just from her family, she didn't. She wanted to work to support herself. She wanted to be independent.

Candy is a very caring, understanding, reasonable, hard-working, loving person, and she never gives up. She worked her way through. We should learn from her to always stick with your friends because maybe someday you may need their help!

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