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Character Profile: Tetsuro Hoshino

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tetsuro Hoshino Tetsuro Hoshino Tetsuro Hoshino (Galaxy Express 999)
Human Human
Male Male
About 10 years About 10 years
Brown Brown
Black Black
Orphan Orphan
Saffron Henderson Masako Nozawa
Galaxy Express 999 Ginga Tetsudo 999

Character Description: Tetsuro Hoshino

The story and myriad characters of Galaxy Express 999 focus on this boy from the slums of Megalopolis City. In the beginning of the story, his mind thinks about three things: Captain Harlock, a man wanted by the public but admired by Tetsuro; Count Mecha, the machine man who hunted and killed his mother for sport; and the Galaxy Express, the means by which he believes all his dreams will come true.

It was when he was evading the police, weak and exhausted but with a stolen train pass in hand that he and Maetel meet. The first thing that leapt to his mind when he saw her was his mother. She looks so much like his mother. Maetel offers to give back Tetsuro's pass if he takes her with her. Seeing nothing to lose (and at the time innocent of what life truly holds), he accepts.

It is along the train ride that Tetsuro matures, faster than he had ever wanted to. From the Paradise Law of Titan to Pluto's Graves of Ice, from Count Mecha's Time Castle to his ultimate destination, Andromeda, Tetsuro becomes that much more of a man with each journey he takes. This is what changes Tetsuro's view of life and the universe completely. He has to change his goals, embrace reality, and ultimately let go of his childhood. Only then can Tetsuro truly be a man.

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