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Japanese Info
Captain TsubasaCaptain TsubasaCaptain Tsubasa
128 TV episodes
Ishiro MisakiIshiro Misaki
· · ·
Kojiro HyugaKojiro Hyuuga
· · ·
Mamoru IzawaMamoru Izawa
· · ·
Sanae NakazawaSanae Nakazawa
· · ·
Taro MisakiTaro Misaki
· · ·
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Characters: Captain Tsubasa

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ishiro Misaki Ishiro Misaki Kishida Takeshi βŠ• Kishida Takeshi βŠ•
Kojiro Hyuga Kojiro Hyuuga Koudai Ozora βŠ• Koudai Ozora βŠ•
Mamoru Izawa Mamoru Izawa Makoto Soda βŠ• Makoto Soda βŠ•
Sanae Nakazawa Sanae Nakazawa Mitsuru Sano βŠ• Mitsuru Sano βŠ•
Taro Misaki Taro Misaki Morisaki Yuzo βŠ• Morisaki Yuzo βŠ•
Tsubasa Ozora Tsubasa Ozora Natsuko Ozora βŠ• Natsuko Ozora βŠ•
Akai Tomeya βŠ• Akai Tomeya βŠ• Roberto Hongo βŠ• Roberto Hongo βŠ•
Daichi Ozora βŠ• Daichi Ozora βŠ• Ryo Ishizaki βŠ• Ryo Ishizaki βŠ•
Genzo Wakabayashi βŠ• Genzo Wakabayashi βŠ• Shingo Aoi βŠ• Shingo Aoi βŠ•
Hajime Taki βŠ• Hajime Taki βŠ• Shingo Takasugi βŠ• Shingo Takasugi βŠ•
Hikaru Matsuyama βŠ• Hikaru Matsuyama βŠ• Shun Nitta βŠ• Shun Nitta βŠ•
Hirochi Jito βŠ• Hirochi Jito βŠ• Takeshi Sawada βŠ• Takeshi Sawada βŠ•
Jun Misugi βŠ• Jun Misugi βŠ• Tappei Kisugi βŠ• Tappei Kisugi βŠ•
Kazuki Sorimachi βŠ• Kazuki Sorimachi βŠ• Urabe Hanji βŠ• Urabe Hanji βŠ•
Ken Wakashimazu βŠ• Ken Wakashimazu βŠ•

Description: Captain Tsubasa

It all began in 1983 when Tsubasa Ozora moved to a new town called Nankatsu to refine his soccer skills. His dream is to become the Best Soccer Player in the World. When he settled down, however, he had found his adversary, Super Goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi who could catch any kind of ball ranging from Rugby to Baseball, not to mention Soccer.

Tsubasa agreed to compete with Wakabayashi in a soccer match to see who was the best. When Ryo Ishizaki got injured during the game, a skillful boy called Taro Misaki offered to take Ishizaki's position. Tsubasa's team tied 2-2, and since then, Tsubasa, Taro and Genzo became the best of friends. This gave room, however, to Kojiro Hyuga to become Tsubasa's top rival for the next five years.

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