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Character Profile: Clow Reed

USA Info
Japanese Info
Clow Reed Clow Reed Clow Reed (Card Captors)
Human Human
Male Male
1001 years old 1001 years old
Dark blue Dark blue
Blue Blue
Card Captors Cardcaptor Sakura

Character Description: Clow Reed

Clow died ages ago. His father is English and his mother was Chinese. Clow's mother is from the Li Dynasty. The cherry blossom is his favorite flower. He loved every type of food. His mother wanted him to study both Eastern and Western magic so that he could become powerful, but he never wanted to be powerful. Of course you know that he created the Clow Cards and both Yue and Kero.

When he was still alive, he was the most powerful sorcerer. He is pretty good at cooking like Sakura's father. He also created Sakura's staff, Li's magic board thingy, Kaho Mizuki's bell. Yuuko from XXXHOLIC was his, er um, friend (I didn't believe it at first). He could see the future. When he was at of age, he moved to Japan, Tomoeda to be exact. He lived in a mansion, where Eriol lives, until his death.

Before he died, Clow looked into the future and saw Sakura and the others. So he decided that the sealing staff was to be pink for Sakura, placed the Clow Book in Sakura's basement, made Kero sleep, gave Sakura the mood to open the clow book releasing Kero and the cards, left the moon bell in the shrine, and just generally set up everything. He decided to get Syaoran to help, predicted that Yukito would find out everything about Yue, got Eriol to help Sakura and then test her when she's ready, and all the rest goes accordingly to what Clow predicted and arranged. Lastly, when he was about to die, he split his soul into two people that would look and act a bit like him... and they are Sakura's father, Fujitaka Kinomoto, and Eriol Hiiragizawa.

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