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Character Profile: Julian Star

USA Info
Japanese Info
Julian Star Yukito Tsukishiro Julian Star (Card Captors)
Yue Reed Yue Reed
Human(Julian), Angel(Yue) Human(Yukito), Angel(Yue)
Male Male
17 years old(Julian)(born December 25), 1000 years old(Yue) 14 years old(Yukito)(born December 25), 1000 years old(Yue)
Grey/silver Grey/silver
Dark green Dark green
Type AB Type AB
Guardian of the Cards Guardian of the Cards
"So.. When can we start eating?"  
Sam Vincent, Steve Cannon(Cardcaptor Sakura: The Enchanted Card) Megumi Ogata
Card Captors Card Captor Sakura

Character Description: Julian Star

Julian (Yukito) is just a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, who is always smiling and never appears angry or sad. Inside Julian lives a separate soul known as Yue. Yue is more of the silent type. He often keeps his thoughts to himself, and appreciates it when others do the same.

Yue is the other guardian of cards. His job really consists of choosing worthy Cardcaptors, and protecting the Card Master/Mistress. At the end of season two, Yue makes his first appearance as the judge of the Clow Cards. Yue defeats Li in a fight, but thanks to some help from Layla Mckenzie (Kaho Mizuki), Sakura defeats him. Yue then becomes Sakura's protector, although he still believes that Clow Reed is his master.

In season three, Yue becomes thoroughly angry at Eriol for not telling him that Clow Reed was incarnated. He was also angry that Clow Reed did not try to capture the Clow cards. Eriol just responded that "Clow Reed will never walk on this planet again," which broke Yue's heart.

Julian eats a lot because of his two souls. He needs plenty to eat for both of them to survive. Li is drawn to him because of Yue's power, while Sakura likes Julian for himself.

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