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Layla MacKenzieKaho MizukiLayla MacKenzie (Card Captors)
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Kaho Mitsuki (alternate spelling)
Miss MacKenzie
About early 30's (born February 11)About early 30's (born February 11)
Light brownLight brown
Light brownLight brown
Linda RaeEmi Shinohara
Card CaptorsCard Captor Sakura

Character Description: Layla MacKenzie

Layla appears one day when Sakura's math teacher will be out for the next few weeks. Sakura is shocked to see her. She recounts the dream (in Part 1) that a figure stood tall in the shadows, long hair, looking exactly like Layla. Anyway, Li suspects that Layla is not an ordinary human (in other words, he suspects she has powers like he and Sakura). Layla sometimes warns Sakura of an approaching Clow Card. Kaho also appears to be where Sakura is sometimes, watching her progress as she seals Clow Cards.

Layla met Tori a long time ago, and they started dating. Unfortunately, Layla's father got a new job overseas, so Tori and Layla broke up.

In Part 2, Layla appears back in Japan to explain to Sakura why there was a "fight" between Eli and Sakura. Layla fell in love with Eli, and visa versa, when she met him in England. She admits it in the last episode, and in the 12th (or the second 6th volume) of the manga.

She's very sweet, and smiles a lot.

There seems to be some controversy as to whether or not Tori and Layla were in love and/or dated. This is most likely stems from the highly edited version of the show broadcast in the United States on the WB network, where such a teacher/student relationship would not be appropriate for the target demographic.

In the manga, Tori and Layla met under a cherry blossom tree where they talked about a spirit that only they could see. Then later, in class, Tori discovers that Mrs. Mekenzie is his new math teacher! Even so, Tori fell madly in love with Mrs. Mekenzie, though he did not like to speak of her moving overseas because it hurt to talk of her. She was also in love with him but because of the serious age difference nothing ever happened between them.

Also, in the manga, she and Eriol end up together. Seems she has a thing for younger men....

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