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RitaRika SasakiRita (Card Captors)
10-12 years old (born June 24)10-12 years old (born June 24)
Type AType A
Sakura's friendSakura's friend
Stevie BlochTomoko Kawakami
Card CaptorsCardcaptor Sakura

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Rita

Rika is one of Sakura's friend. She is very quiet and patient. She is very mature, and takes everything into a mature matter. It is said that Rika can cook.

One day, after Shaoran insulted Sakura, Sakura decided to take Tomoyo and Rika to a store to buy some brooches. It turns out that Rika bought the brooch that looked like a sword, which was "The Sword Card". Rika came under the spell of "Sword" and started acting like a pro fighter.

Sakura used "Illusion" to show Rika what she felt was the most important person in her life, Mr. Terada (can that be?). Sakura knocked the sword out of her hand, and Rika fell to the ground, unconscious. Sakura then sealed the card, and the next day, she gave Rika another brooch for losing the sword-like one. Rika just accepted it.

It is said that Rika and Yoshiyuki Terada are a couple. Rika has a crush on him, and everybody is completely oblivious to it, including Sakura. However, Tomoyo knows what's going on.

In the manga, Yoshiyuki proposes to Rika while she is still a student in school. Yoshiyuki gives her a ring and says that when she graduates they will get married. And of course, she accepts. In the anime, however, it quite different. While there is still a relationship, it's not shown as much. Rika would blush when she'd see Yoshiyuki Terada, and sometimes their eyes would meet, making Yoshiyuki Terada all flustered and confused. Rika makes a teddy bear that she gives to Yoshiyuki. Yoshiyuki accepts it then asks her if he can name it Rika, because supposedly naming something like that after the person who gave it to you means you love them.

Overall, Rika is very sweet and caring and just accepts things for the way they are.

Rika is said to be a good cook. Yup, it's true! It's also rumored that Rika's accidents are actually done on purpose, like in the episode where they had the ice skating field trip. Rika slipped to the floor, then Mr. Terada would help her up and he asked her to skate together, to help her improve. Which is strange, Rika learning to skate in a few seconds (coincidence, maybe?). If you're observant enough to notice it, try watching some episodes in the series. Maybe there are things related to this "faulty-accidents".

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