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Japanese Info
SorceressMadoushiSorceress (Card Captors: The Movie- The Enchanted Card)
Su Yung
Appears to be in her 40'sAppears to be in her 40's
Dark BrownDark Brown
"He trapped me in there.....I will have my revenge!""Clow Reed couldn't....CLOW REED WOULD NEVER DIE!!"
Nicole OliverMegumi Hayashibara
Card Captors: The Movie- The Enchanted CardCard Captor Sakura: The Movie

Character Description: Sorceress

There are two ways that Su Yung/Madoushi was portrayed.

US Portray: Years ago, Su Yung and Clow Reed met and they fell in love. Clow Reed began to teach her magic. Unfortunately, Su Yung began to use her magic for the powers of evil. Since Clow Reed was very powerful, and he found out her wicked plans, he sealed Su Yung in another dimension, where she was killed. After her death, her spirit somehow must of become trapped inside.

Japan Portray: Years ago, Madoushi was a water fortune teller in Hong Kong. She was very popular at the time, until Clow Reed came to Hong Kong. He wasn't exactly a fortune teller, but his predictions were more accurate than Madoushi. At that, Madoushi's business took a dive, and she hated Clow. She then began to challenge Clow to fights at every opportunity. Her hatred is supposedly what killed her. After her death, she used her magic to transfer her own hatred to a book (somehow), with an ancient well on it.

Madoushi's magic was used to summon Clow Reed, but since he died and Sakura had the cards, Sakura was destined to go to Hong Kong. After she got there, she met Shaoran's mother, Li Yelan. She warned Sakura that this was her destiny to face the "new evil" (Madoushi).

Eventually, Madoushi kidnapped Yukito, Touya, Meilin, and Shaoran. Sakura found the entrance to the other dimension (the well) and forced Madoushi to abandon her hide out. After Madoushi got out of the well, she was horrified that Hong Kong changed. After Sakura got out of the well, Madoushi tried to kill her, but Sakura revealed the truth about Clow Reed, which freed Madoushi's soul.

Character Description: Sorceress

Su Yung was Clow Reed's old girlfriend when he lived in Hong Kong. She learned under him and loved him. However, when she hungered for power, he trapped her in a site that later housed an antique shop. Wanting revenge, she captures and traps Sakura Avalon's brother and friends using water and bubbles. She looks huge since she wears so many kimonos and haoris. Also, she shouts a lot which scared the daylights (and all light for that matter) out of me and anyone who crosses her.

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