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Japanese Info
Akiko NatsumeAkiko NatsumeAkiko Natsume (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)
Lady Akiko
34 years34 years
Dark brownDark brown
Dull blueDull blue
Mishima PresidentMishima President
"Here I come in the name of mother's love!"
Kelly Manison
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku NukuBannou Bunka Nekomusume

Character Description: Akiko Natsume

All mother's hold their children with high levels of respect and love, and usually have the exact opposite for their husbands. And Akiko Natsume excels in both categories. Born with a robotic spoon in her mouth, she is the grand daughter of a billion dollar machine industry called Mishima. Akiko grew up pampered, royally primped, and with a fiery passion to control as a strong willed woman.

Eventually surpassing her parents, Akiko became president of Mishima, and at the time was happy living Kyusaku and her sweet son Ryunosuke. That was before Kyusaku left her ass behind with no MK android in one hand, and no Ryunosuke in the other. Filled with vengeance and disgust for Nuku Nuku's existence, Akiko made it her life long goal to get back her son and destroy Nuku Nuku for good. Even if it meant using all of her company's weapons to do it.

Now as I said before, Akiko is a HUGE family freak and loves her son practically to death. She's deathly over protective of him and tries to shield him from the so called "horrors" of real life. Akiko is also a very strong and impenetrable woman. She has a will of steel and stands up for what she believes in with a furious tone. No one bosses her around, she's treated like a god, and she punishes like one too. Kyouko and Arisa know that all too well.

However, she has a sense of loyalty and respect to her. She would never accept a victory that came through low or dishonorable means. She has honor, and despite all her berzerker rage attacks, she has love for her son, and would move the Earth to get him back in her arms. Kyusaku pisses her off around 24/7 but she doesn't exactly hate his guts. She just sees him as a rival, like how she views Nuku Nuku.

While Akiko is portrayed as the anime's villain, Akiko is really just a loony tunes mother who just wants her baby boy back. And until her son is being petted and pampered like she was, Akiko will continue to declare war on anyone who gets in the path of this mother's rampaging wrath.

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