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Character Profile: Arisa Mitamura

USA Info
Japanese Info
Arisa Mitamura Arisa Mitamura Arisa Mitamura (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)
Human Human
Female Female
22 years 22 years
Dark brown Dark brown
Light brown Light brown
Mishima Female Strike Force member Mishima Female Strike Force member
"It's annihilation time!"  
Kaytha Coker Aya Hisakawa
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Bannou Bunka Nekomusume

Character Description: Arisa Mitamura

Revenge, guns, and no brains, yeah Arisa has all that and less. But what more can you expect from the number one demolitions/gun fighter/combat pilot in all of Mishima Industries? Hired personally by Lady Akiko, Arisa is the tanned beauty with enough bombs and bullets to make any man cry before her feet. Although she's paired up with Kyouko, the two are nothing alike.

Arisa believes she can solve any problem with force and always tries to resort to violence whenever possible. Be it using Posion 1 (heavily armored helicopter), robot battle suits, or just some big old rocket launchers, Arisa gets anything done one way or another. Lady Akiko is Arisa's idol, she worships her and considers her to be a great symbol for all women in a "male dominated society".

Whoever Akiko hates, Arisa hates, except for Nuku Nuku. Arisa is the one character in the show that truly and passionately hates Nuku Nuku. Hating her super powers, her light hearted attitude towards all her countless attacks on her, but mostly the fact that Nuku Nuku gets all the boys and both she and Kyouko are left in the dust. But despite the fact Arisa gets her pay constantly docked by her guns-a-blazing approach to life, she still works for Akiko.

Arisa will never rest until she gets revenge on Nuku Nuku, other then that she's your typical average gun toting womaniac. Who, like Kyouko, belongs where she is, no matter how much she hates it.

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