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Character Profile: Kyoko Koitabashi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kyoko Koitabashi Kyouko Koitabashi Kyoko Koitabashi (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)
Human Human
Female Female
20 years old 20 years old
Reddish Brown Reddish Brown
Dull Blue Dull Blue
Mishima Female Strike Force member Mishima Female Strike Force member
"What are you, part Godzilla?"  
Tiffany Grant Akiko Hiramatsu
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Bannou Bunka Nekomusume

Character Description: Kyoko Koitabashi

If wishes were pink slips then Kyouko would gladly take one in the case of her job. Kyouko is the right hand clerk/assitant woman member of Lady Akiko's Mishima strike force team, second only to Arisa. Together they constantly try and capture Ryunnosuke but get defeated by their other target, Nuku Nuku.

As a woman, Kyouko is basically a cowardly, and much easily frightened person. Hunting out after killer android girls with explosives, helicopters, and robots was not what she had in mind when taking this job. Kyouko is a nice enough person who just wound up on the wrong end of Monster.com so to speak. She'd much rather be a desk clerk then to confront Nuku Nuku ever again.

But despite the fact she hates her job, Kyouko is loyal to Lady Akiko, even though in the end it comes out of both her hide and her pay whenever she and Arisa screw up. Arisa is a nutcase in Kyouko's eyes and is frankly the only other person that can relate to her life. Both of them get zero pay, they both are screw ups, and are both totally boyfriendless.

Maybe one day when Akiko stops aiming warheads at Nuku Nuku's house Kyouko will get a chance to take it easy from this stressful life. But until then this scared little kitten will have to suck back the tears of labor and work, work, work!

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