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Atsuko NatsumeAtsuko NatsumeAtsuko Natsume (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)
Nuku Nuku NatsumeNuku Nuku Natsume
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Android Cat GirlAndroid Cat Girl
17 years (supposedly)17 years (supposedly)
Hot PinkHot Pink
Ryunosuke's bodyguardRyuunosuke's bodyguard
"I am not a weapon. I am Nuku Nuku Natsume, born from Papa-san and Ryunosuke's love!"
Allison Keith
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku NukuBannou Bunka Nekomusume

Character Description: Atsuko Natsume

Beautiful, powerful, meow? That sums up none other then Nuku Nuku. A gorgeous girl with a heart of pure gold, body of metal, and the brain of a cat?!

Nuku Nuku was born on Christmas Eve, the same night Kyuusaku and Ryunosuke were trying to escape Mishima's forces. Ryunosuke had befriended a stray cat and took it with him.

However, as the father and son tried to escape the attack from Mishima, the cat was fatally injured. But Kyuusaku used his ultimate creation, the NK-1124 Android to save the cat's life.

Nuku Nuku was born by placing the cat's brain in the android and making it a beautiful teenage girl. But cat or android, Nuku Nuku remains a blossoming sweet girl who has a wonderfully warm heart.

Nuku Nuku is VERY sweet, extremely polite, and is always giggling or happily laughing. Having a rather cheery nature, she loves life and her family very much. It takes alot to get Nuku Nuku REALLY mad.

But she is still a cat-brained girl in a strange world. Nuku Nuku's super human strength and speed are great weapons, but also inconveniences. Sometimes Nuku Nuku can demolish her own house if she's not careful.

Ryunosuke and Kyuusaku (who she calls Papa-san) are her pride and joy. She will guard them with her very life, and will do anything to make her family happy. Nuku Nuku is a devoted, kind, and loving protector.

She loves to eat fish, chase mice, use catnip, typical cat. But overall Nuku Nuku is a happy go lucky girl, with no problems and no worries. Except to be happy, happy, happy.

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